Articles from 2021

George Hospodarsky Presents at STEAM Institute

George Hospodarsky presented 6 sessions at the STEAM Institute for 7th graders on Nov 24, 2021 at the Kirkwood Regional Center at The University of Iowa, 2301 Oakdale Boulevard, Coralville, IA.

Overall there were approximately 130 7th graders and 7 teachers.  He talked about what he and his research group does, how he became a space physicist, James Van Allen, a short history of space physics at the University of Iowa, Explorer 1, Juno, Cassini, Van Allen Probes, Mars Express, TRACERS, Voyager, VIPER and other past and ongoing projects, did a "Sounds In Space" exercise, and answered their questions about space.
andrew carton

Dyersville Commercial: Carton works on NASA projects at UI

Andrew Carton grew up Earlville, Iowa, never dreaming he would be involved in space research. But through his academic experiences at Iowa, he is now an electrical design engineer working with NASA to help develop space-faring scientific instruments on the TRACERS project.

Congratulations to Tyler Grover for defending Master's thesis and passing PhD Comprehensive Exam!

Graduate student, Tyler Grover, successfully defended his Master's thesis and passed his PhD Comprehensive Exam on Friday, November 19th. Tyler will receive his Master's in Physics degree this December, while continuing on in the PhD program.

Committee:  Professors Vincent Rodgers (advisor), Kenneth Gayley, Yannick Meurice, Wayne Polyzou, Kory Stiffler, and Professor Ben Cooper from the Mathematics Department.

MS Thesis Title:  Static Spherically Symmetric Solutions to Thomas-Whitehead Gravity

Congratulations to Joseph Sink on Master's degree and successful comprehensive exam

Congratulations to graduate student, Joe Sink on passing his PhD comprehensive exam on November 11, 2021. Joe will also receive his Master's degree in Physics in December, 2021. 

His committee members are Professors Craig Pryor (advisor), Michael Flatte, Thomas Folland, Yannick Meurice, and David Andersen. 
deroo cbs 2 vid cap

Russian anti-satellite test can threaten future University of Iowa projects

In this CBS 2 story, Associate Professor Casey DeRoo discusses the Russian anti-satellite test and the impact it could have to projects he and other researchers at UI are working on.

Congratulations to Sameer Patel!

Congratulations to Sameer Patel for defending his Master's degree and passing his PhD comprehensive exam today! Sameer will receive his his Master's degree in Physics in December, 2021.
Henry Hammer and Nachtman

Students Present Posters at Fall Undergraduate Research Festival

Nine Physics and Astronomy students presented posters at the Fall Undergraduate Research Festival (FURF) Nov. 10 at the University Capitol Centre. Zachary Vig and Hank Hammer won $100 prizes in the Department poster contest.

From small towns to a big NASA gig

Recent University of Iowa graduates Andrew Carton and Ryan Helland grew up in small communities in Iowa never dreaming they’d be involved in space research. But through their academic experiences at Iowa, they both secured jobs with a landmark NASA mission.
Brian metzger

Iowa Public Radio: What are the origins of gold in the universe? UI alum Brian Metzger found the answer

Gold is a metal, but, surprisingly, we know little about its origins. How is gold made? How did it get on earth? Why is gold more rare than other metals on Earth? Being the stuff of legends, these seem like questions we should have answered long ago. It turns out Burlington-local Brian Metzger was recently able to bring some clarity to these long-standing questions. Metzger studied math and physics at the University of Iowa and went on to receive his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.

Koseyan wins Universities Research Association award

Ohannes Kamer Koseyan, a Ph.D student in Professor Yasar Onel's lab, has won an award from Universities Research Association in the amount of $10,000.