In order to provide a solid foundation and to stay on the vanguard of cutting edge research in astronomy and physics, the Department of Physics and Astronomy offers distinct core courses in the Astronomy and Physics. Course classes in the Astronomy track may include radiative processes, extragalactic astronomy, and general relativity and can vary depending on the area of astronomy of interests. The core courses in the Physics track are the traditional core courses of classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics, and statistical physics. 

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In order to provide breadth and expansion to the curriculum, the department offers more advanced electives such as quantum computing, high energy astrophysics, cosmology, quantum field theory, advanced plasma physics, string theory, and quantum optics. Other advanced course are offered on an as needed basis through Special Topics. 

Graduate students, faculty and visitors all participate in weekly seminars in solid state physics, plasma physics, space physics, mathematical physics, nuclear and particle physics. The seminars are an early opportunity for graduate students to communicate research ideas and results with the faculty and their peers. 

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