Physics/Astronomy - Office Administration

Name Room Phone
Mary Hall Reno – DEO 211 VAN 335-1689
Professor Vincent Rodgers – Director of Graduate Studies 513 VAN 335-1219
Professor Jane Nachtman – Director of Undergraduate Studies 106 VAN 335-1844
Professor John Prineas – Director of Research Operations 136 IATL 335-3347
Heather Mineart – Administrator 211 VAN 335-1688

Front desk support/main office


203 VAN

225 VAN



Misty Lyon - Asst. to the DEO 204 VAN 335-3238
Cyerra Hutchins - Graduate Program Coordinator 202 VAN 467-1517
Matt Larson - Academic Services 202 VAN 467-1480
Andrea Shaevitz – Finance/Sponsored Projects Post Award/Dept. Budgets/ MFK Management Including Students, Postdocs, and Employees 216B VAN 335-1691
Travis Dillavou – Sponsored Projects Post Award/MFK Management Including Students, Postdocs, and Employees
(Condensed Matter Group only)
G60-D PBSB 467-0280
Marcia Rogers – Pre-Award of Sponsored Projects/Proposals & Mods 216A VAN 335-2756
BizHub Copier, Poster Printer, Shipping & Receiving
(See Front Desk for questions)
225 VAN 335-1686
Xerox/Copy Machine/Poster Printer (Front Desk) 225 VAN  335-3238

CLAS Human Resources

Name  Room Phone

Chris Crawford, HR Manager                                 

214 SH 467-4822
Transaction Hub                                                                                                                                                                                        

Physics/Astronomy - IT Support

Name Room Phone
Brad Carson – Sr. Systems Admin. for Research 
214 VAN 335-2243
Ryan Hallock – IT Desktop Support 
210A VAN 467-4007
Sara Sickelka – Purchasing/Accounts Payable/P-Cards/Travel
Remote 335-0902

Physics/Astronomy - Service Centers

Name Room Phone
Electronics Repair and Calibration Shop – Mike Estenson 
508 VAN 335-1890
Electronics Assembly Shop – Mike Webb
509 VAN 335-1901
Engineering – Mike Miller B26 VAN 335-1834
Machine Shop – Matt Miller and Toby Tompkins 
116 VAN 335-1845
Quality Assurance
210D VAN 467-4434

Physics/Astronomy - Instructional Support

Name Room Phone
Observing Room 707E VAN 335-1605
Sciences Library (SL)
450 SL 467-4535
Dr. Anthony Moeller, Instructional Services Specialist (Physics) 250 VAN 335-1754
Dr. Caroline Roberts, Instructional Services Specialist (Astronomy) 610 VAN 467-4781
Dale Stille, Lecture Demonstrations, Outreach 60 VAN 335-1833



University - Contact Information

Name Phone
Campus Mail (pick-up and delivery to Rm. 203 twice daily) 384-3800
General Stores 384-3900
Graduate Admissions 335-1525
Graduate College 335-2144
Human Resources 335-3558
International Admissions (OISS) 335-1534
Iowa Book and Supply 337-8376
IMU Book Store (Iowa Hawk Shop) 335-3179
Liberal Arts and Sciences – Dean’s Office 335-2611
Liberal Arts and Sciences – Undergraduate Programs Office 335-2633
Maintenance 335-5071
Parking, Information and Reporting 335-1475
Post Office (Iowa City) 354-1560
Printing Department (CBSB) 384-3700
University Police:
— Routine calls/non-emergency
— Emergency

Registrar Service Center (Registration and Information)
— Transcripts
Room Reservations (make room reservations through Administration office) 335-3238
Space Planning and Utilization 335-1243
Sponsored Programs 335-2123



Physics and Astronomy - Who Does What

What Who Where
Administrative Issues Heather Mineart 207 VAN
Graduate Admissions and Program Coordinator Cyerra Hutchins 202 VAN
Undergraduate and Graduate Student Advisor Changes Cyerra Hutchins 202 VAN
American Physical Society (APS) application forms Cyerra Hutchins 202 VAN
Change of Address forms for Department Misty Lyon 204 VAN
Coffee Club ($5/month – coffee in Rm 316) Misty Lyon 204 VAN
Colloquium Coordination Asst. Prof. Ravi Uppu / Matt Larson 213 VAN / 202 VAN
Computer e-mail accounts Ryan Hallock/Tim Lissovsky 210A VAN
Computer hardware repair issues Ryan Hallock/Tim Lissovsky 210A VAN
Copy/Xerox/Poster Printer Administration Office 203 VAN
Course Schedules Matt Larson 202 VAN
Deadlines – Graduate College Cyerra Hutchins 202 VAN
Degree objective changes Cyerra Hutchins 202 VAN
Graduate degree requirements Prof. Vincent Rodgers 513 VAN
Assistant to the DEO Misty Lyon 204 VAN
Departmental Executive Officer (DEO) Prof. Mary Hall Reno 211 VAN
Drop/Add slips Matt Larson 202 VAN
ESL requirements Cyerra Hutchins 202 VAN
Equivalent course determination Prof. Vincent Rodgers 513 VAN
FAX (319-335-1753) Administration Office 203 VAN
Funding (special requests) Heather Mineart 211 VAN
Office furniture allocation Misty Lyon 204 VAN
Graduation information / deadlines Cyerra Hutchins 202 VAN
Health insurance Staff Benefits 120 USB
Keys Administration Office 203 VAN
Lab coordination (Physics) Dr. Anthony Moeller 250 VAN
Lab coordination (Astronomy) Dr. Caroline Roberts 655 VAN
Lecture demonstration coordination Dale Stille 58 VAN
Lost and Found (Van Allen) Administration Office 203 VAN
Maintenance/building problems Administration Office 203 VAN
Meeting room reservations Administration Office 203 VAN
Office assignments (Graduate Students) Cyerra Hutchins 202 VAN
Parking placard Administration Office 203 VAN
Payroll questions
Personnel / HR questions Chris Crawford 467-4822
Plans of Study / Request for Comp and Final Exam Cyerra Hutchins 202 VAN
Schedule of Courses Matt Larson 203 VAN
Sciences Library Carol Hollier 450 VAN
Shipping of packages (Domestic and International) Administration Office 203 VAN
Social activities (Departmental) Misty Lyon 204 VAN
Software purchases / licensing Ryan Hallock/Tim Lissovsky 210A VAN
Student computer room questions Ryan Hallock/Tim Lissovsky 210A VAN
Supplies Administration Office 203 VAN
Surplus old computer software / hardware Ryan Hallock/Tim Lissovsky 210A VAN
Teaching assignments Cyerra Hutchins 202 VAN
Textbook checkout (TAs) Cyerra Hutchins 202 VAN
Transfer credits (Graduate) Prof. Vincent Rodgers 513 VAN
Transfer credits (Undergraduate) Prof. Jane Nachtman 106 VAN
Travel requests Sara Sickelka Remote
Windows OS and Windows software expert Ryan Hallock/Tim Lissovsky 210A VAN