For additional assistance with coursework, students can meet with additional students in the Physics Lounge or meet with graduate students in the Physics and Astronomy Help Center.

To be approved as a tutor for Astronomy or Physics undergraduate courses, candidates are expected to have a grade of B+ or better in the ASTR:xxxx or PHYS:xxxx courses they wish to tutor, or be a graduate student admitted to our program. Students should contact tutors directly. All arrangements with regard to payments, frequency of meeting, etc. are left up to the tutor and the tutee.

Students may, of course, always seek assistance from their assigned course teaching assistants: contact details can be found in the People pages.
Note: Students cannot tutor courses for which they are currently TAs (identified as XXXX).

Approved Tutors for undergraduate courses
Name Email Phone / Website Approved Classes
Fehr, David    
Fuller, Chase    
Maleki Sanukesh, Kian    
Pette, Daniel