Prof. Fred Skiff speaking

Skiff Awarded Interdisciplinary Research Grant

Professor Fred Skiff will receive an Interdisciplinary Research Grant (IDRG) from the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies for his project, “Flame Sonification and Flame-based Audio Effect Processing.”

Congratulations to Dr. Joe Sink for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis

Congratulations to Dr. Joe Sink for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis November 10! 
Don Gurnett Distinguished Alumni Award

Gurnett Honored With Distinguished Alumni Faculty Award

The University of Iowa Center for Advancement posthumously honored Professor Donald Gurnett with a Distinguished Alumni Faculty Award at a Homecoming week ceremony on Oct. 28.
Iowa Space Grant Consortium banner

Graduate Students Awarded ISGC Fellowships

Five Physics and Astronomy graduate students will receive the Iowa Space Grant Consortium's (ISGC) Graduate Fellowship Award.

Payne Accepted to NASA/JPL's  Astrophysics Mission Design School

Graduate Student Jacob Payne has been accepted to the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Astrophysics Mission Design School. The Science Mission Design Schools are designed to prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers for participation and leadership in space science missions of the future.
Parker Solar Probe artist's concept

Halekas Awarded Grant to Study Solar Wind

Professor Jasper Halekas has been awarded $128,705 from the University of Minnesota and NASA to analyze data collected from the Parker Solar Probe to study charged particles and electromagnetic fields in the solar wind.
Jared Termini in lab at Univ. of Iowa

Graduate Student Jared Termini Receives Highly Competitive National Fellowship

Graduate Student Jared Termini has landed a highly competitive national fellowship that is giving him a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with scientists and engineers at NASA centers all over the country.

Science Coalition Features Profs. Klezting, Flatté

The Science Coalition has featured projects conducted by Profs. Craig Kletzing and Micheal Flatte as examples of how university researchers are utilizing federal funding to conduct future-driven research.
Emerson and Melissa Peters at FURF22

Undergrads Present Posters at Research Festival

Physics and Astronomy students presented 11 posters at the Fall Undergraduate Research Festival (FURF) Nov. 2 at the University Capitol Centre. The Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates hosts FURF, held in celebration and recognition of undergraduate researchers' contributions to research, scholarly, and creative work at the University of Iowa.

Ballard & Seashore Dissertation Fellowship Recipients

Congratulations to Daniel Simons and Dustin Swarm for being awarded he Ballard & Seashore Dissertation Fellowship for the Spring of 2023.