Physicists led by University of Iowa more fully describe sun’s electric field

As the Parker Solar Probe ventures closer to the sun, we are learning new things about our home star. In a new study, physicists led by the University of Iowa report the first definitive measurements of the sun’s electric field, and how the electric field interacts with the solar wind, the fast-flowing current of charged particles that can affect activities on Earth, from satellites to telecommunications.

Professors Keri Hoadley and Casey DeRoo (Co-I) win NASA funding to upgrade astronomical space telescopes

University of Iowa physicists have won NASA funding to leverage their expertise in fabricating and testing gratings for use in the ultraviolet range in space-based astronomy. Keri Hoadley, assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, is collaborating with Casey DeRoo, assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, whose group has been honing a new way to fabricate reflection gratings for X-rays, which are at shorter wavelengths than ultraviolet light. Hoadley and her team will take advantage of that progress and try to apply it for ultraviolet light use.

Congratulations to Dr. Mohammad Alhusseini!

Congratulations to Dr. Mohammad Alhusseini for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis yesterday, July 12th!

Former alumni now at SpaceX

Today two of our former students ran into each other at SpaceX Headquarters in California. Suman Sherwani is an Iowa alum and former employee in the Dept.