Punit Sharma

Graduate Research Assistant

Punit is working on the High Luminosity upgrade of the Inner Tracker detector of the ATLAS experiment currently stationed at the Brookhaven National Lab. He also works on the exotic analysis based on the 2-Higgs doublet model where the pseudoscalar Higgs decays into the heavy CP even neutral Higgs and a Z boson using the run-2 data from the ATLAS experiment.  Punit got his bachelor's and master's degrees from IIT Kanpur. His master's project was on the quantum entanglement in the holographic conformal field theories. Apart from Physics, he's also interested in machine learning cognitive sciences, photography, and soccer.

  • Usha Mallik
Research areas
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics

203 Van Allen Hall (VAN)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States