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Thermal Vacuum Test Chamber

Wide Temperature Range Vacuum Testing

The Thermal Vacuum Chamber is used for testing spacecraft components under simulated environmental space conditions such as cold or high temperatures. 

  • Pressures as low as 10Torr
  • Chamber Temperature: -195 to =150 C
  • Liquid Nitrogen cooled radiative shroud
  • Cold Fixture: ~4 K
  • TQCM contamination monitor
  • Working Volume: 5' x 2' x 22" (1525 x 610 x 560 mm)
  • LabVIEW monitoring software
  • 5 independent temperature sub-zones
  • 48 Temperature monitoring channels
  • 82 Instrument signal channels
  • 4 RF channels in SMA


Thermal vacuum chamber testing a magnetometer
Thermal vacuum chamber testing of our ICI-5 Sounding Rocket Mission magnetometer and student balloon project. We use the thermovac to simulate the extreme conditions of space and see how our instruments perform.

Small Vacuum Test Chamber


  • High Vacuum (<10-6 Torr) 

  • Dry scroll pump for oil-free rough pumping 

  • Turbopump to achieve high vacuum 

  • Nitrogen backfill with options for higher purity gases 

Test Volume: 

  • Test volume of 23 x 17 x 15” 

  • Aluminum plate with standard hole pattern to mount UUT 

  • Optional CQCM  

  • Note: This may reduce allowable UUT height  

Temperature Control: 

  • Thermal platen 

  • -100 to 260C 

  • Chamber walls 

  • +35 to 220C 

  • 11 available thermocouples 


  • Various CF/KF feedthrough options available 


  • Chamber door inside ISO7 softwall cleantent with ESD flooring 

  • Feedthroughs all outside the cleantent to allow operator to monitor UUT in a normal lab environment 


  • Optional CQCM for real-time contamination measurements 

Small TVAC at University of Iowa

Vibration Testing

The vibration table is used for testing spacecraft components under a simulated controlled environment to reproduce events such as a rocket launch, sine, random shock, etc.

 vibration table

Mass Properties

The MOI Tester is a gravity-driven pendulum. 

MOI Tester
Moment of interia measurement instument

Thermal Testing

Ambient pressure thermal testing from 190 to -70 C is used for environmental testing.

Thermal testing chamber

EMI/EMC Testing

This spaceflight hardware testing ensures the reliable operation of electronic systems, prevents interference that could compromise mission-critical communications, and safeguards against potential malfunctions caused by electromagnetic disturbances in the harsh and complex environment of space.

EMI/EMC testing for TRACERS