Christopher Macias, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Christopher has been working on the DUNE experiment since 2016. 

His research areas include:

  • Experimental Particle Physics: Neutrino Oscillations
  • Instrumentation Development for Particle Physics: Scintillation Properties of Liquid Argon
  • Integrated Systems, Detector Readout, Data Acquisition

Christopher's past contribution for the DUNE experiment has been in R&D, commissioning, operations, and data analysis with the Photon Detection system for DUNE's ProtoDUNE-Single Phase. Currently, his focus is helping facilitate the production and R&D for DUNE's Far-Detector-2 Vertical-Drift (FD2-VD). Specifically, R&D on the production and installation on the Charge-Readout-Plane/Charge-Readout-Unit; as well as the production and installation with the Cold-Electronics and Photon Detection systems for FD2-VD.

Christopher Macias
Ph.D Astrophysics, Indiana University