Congratulations to Dr. Hannah Marlowe!

Jun 02, 2016

Hannah Marlowe (Photo courtesy of Jimi Filo)

Congratulations to Hannah Marlowe for successfully defending her PhD dissertation on "Polarimetric and Spectrographic Instrumentation to Enable Next Generation X-ray Observatories."

"Hannah’s thesis investigates instrumentation designed for scientific inquiries in X-ray polarimetry and spectroscopy. She studied the spectral evolution of an Ultraluminous X-ray source, IC 342 X-1 using a suite of observatories across the electromagnetic range. She also performed an in depth analysis on the polarization sensitivity of off-plane reflection gratings. For the first time, she definitively demonstrated the absence of polarization sensitivity, contrary to previous theoretical expectations and measurements."
— Randall McEntaffer, PhD advisor

Dr. Marlowe has accepted a position as an Economist at Fannie Mae in Washington, DC.

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