Wednesday, April 26, 2023

The Department of Physics and Astronomy honored several students, faculty, and staff for their achievements on April 25 at the 2023 Awards Colloquium.

Undergraduate Awards

Brian D. Strayer & Richard L. Rairden Scholarship in Physics: Arissa Khan, Andrew Milne (renewal)

James A. Van Allen Award: Hank Hammer, Siddharth Nandanwar, Zach Vig

Barry Goldwater Scholar: Jeff Leibterton

Myrtle K. Maier Scholarship: Emerson Peters

Distinguished Achievement Award Recipient: Mel Peters

Distinguished Service Award: Will Golay, Jeff Leiberton

Undergraduate Scholar Award: Susanne Byrd, Will Golay, John Horne 

Van Allen Research Grant Recipient: Stephon Berry, Susanne Byrd, Will Meiners, Aditya Venkatesh

Shoemaker-Strickler Scholarship: Will Parker

Iowa Space Grant Consortium Research Scholarship: Susanne Byrd, Will Golay, Jason Homann, Jeff Leiberton, Christian O’Brien, Jonathan Percy

Andrew Nelson Undergraduate Poster Prize: Jacob Andrews, Aden Hageman

Charles A. Wert Scholarship: Aditya Desai, Owen Fiedorowicz, Kyle Junkunc, Alexander Kay, Jeff Leiberton, Jonathan Percy

Phi Beta Kappa Members: Aditya Desai, John Horne, Philippe Jay, Jeff Leiberton, Siddarth Nandanwar, Brandon Stephanie

Graduate Student Awards


G. William Pfeiffer and Marilyn M. Maltby Scholarship: Jared Termini, Cecilia Fasano (renewal)

Goertz/Nicholson Memorial Scholarship: Sanjay Chepuri

John and Stacey Wall Scholarship: David Fehr

Pfeiffer Family Scholarship Renewal: Sarah Henderson Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award: Sean Gunderson Iowa Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellowships: Kenny Buffo, David Fehr, Kenton Greene, Sarah Henderson, Kristie Nault

M. Hildred Blewett Fellowship: Kristie Nault Ballard and Seashore Dissertation Fellowship: Daniel Robert Simons, Dustin Swarm NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Opportunity: Jared Termini

Pierazzo International Student Travel Award: Sarah Henderson

NASA/JPL Astrophysics Design School: Jacob Payne

CLAS Dissertation Writing Fellowship: Sean Gunderson

Honorable Mention, AAS High Energy Astrophysics Best Student Poster Presentation “Metrology of an Adjustable X-ray Optic Segment with PZT Actuators”: Kenny Buffo

Top Downloaded Paper, Wiley Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics “The Diffuse Auroral Eraser”: Riley Troyer

Top Paper and Editor’s Pick, Physics of Plasmas “Observing Particle Energization Above the Nyquist Frequency: An Application of the Field-Particle Correlation Technique”: Sarah Conley

Staff Award

Mary Louise Kelley Professional Development Award: Dale Stille

Postdoc Awards

D.C. Spriestersbach Dissertation Prize: Stephen McMillan, Ph.D.

International Travel Award: David Hartley, Ph.D.

Top Downloaded Paper, Wiley Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics “The Importance of Electron Landau Damping for the Dissipation of Turbulent Energy in Terrestrial Magnetosheath Plasma”: Arya Afshari, Ph.D.

Faculty Awards

CLAS Collegiate Scholar Award: Professor Jasper Halekas

CLAS Dean’s Scholar Award: Professor Allison Jaynes

Harriet and Harold Brady Chair in Laser Physics: Professor Frederick Skiff

American Physical Society Fellow: Professor Craig Kletzing

Iowa Innovators of the Year: Professors John Prineas and Fatima Toor

Lev D. Landau and Lyman Spitzer Jr. Award: Professor Gregory Howes

OVPR Early Career Scholars Award Recipient: Professor Ravitej Uppu

Outstanding Referee, APS Physical Review Journals: Professor Mary Hall Reno

Faculty Promotion

David Miles, promotion to Associate Professor with tenure.

The program concluded with three student presentations:

Will Golay giving a presentation

Will Golay: “The Iowa Robotic Observatory and the MACRO Consortium” Faculty Mentor: Robert Mutel, professor emeritus.

Hank Hammer giving a presentation

Hank Hammer: “Effect of Core Geometry on Spatial-encoded Quantum Information Transfer via a Multimode Fiber” Faculty Mentor: Professor Ravitej Uppu

Siddharth Nandanwar giving a presentation

Siddharth Nandanwar: “Low-temperature infrared characterization of anisotropic van der Waals heterostructures” Faculty Mentor: Professor Thomas Folland


Graduating Physics and Astronomy Students 2023
Zach Vig, graduated in Fall 2022> Undergraduate candidates for May 2023 graduation: Mel Peters, Siddharth Nandanwar, Kyle Junkunc, John Horne, Hank Hammer, Will Golay, and Susanne Byrd. Not pictured: Alex Apple, Thom Bruner, Olivia Catlette, Daniel Funke, Evan Knipper, Tristan McMillan and Nathan Torvik.
UIowa Physics advanced degree grads
Students who will be graduating in Spring 2023 with advanced degrees: Riley Troyer, Daniel Simons, Jaya Joseph, Connor Feltman, Sarah Conley, Zoe Bellis. Not pictured: Robert Maxton, Jacob McLaughlin and Vitaliy Zhuravlyov.

See the awards colloquium program for the complete list of awards and graduates.