Yannick Meurice

Yannick Meurice
Ph.D., UCL Louvain-la-Neuve, 1985
514 VAN
Office Phone: 
(319) 335-1991
Research Interests: 
Theoretical elementary particle physics; lattice gauge theory; optical lattices.
  • Lattice field theory
  • QuLat Collaboration
  • Quantum computing for quantum field theory
  • Quantum simulation of condensed matter models
  • Renormalization group methods
  • Composite Brout-Englert-Higgs bosons
  • Decays of B-mesons (with the theory group at Fermilab)
  • Gauge interactions on optical lattices
  • Numerical simulations on home made clusters and at national facilities
  • Quantum Field Theory methods: Feynman diagrams, strong-coupling expansion, large-N approximations
  • Employment of former students: postdocs at five major universities in the U.S. and one in Ireland; senior research scientist in driving simulation project; software engineer in industry; college instructor; medical physics
  • Students can be involved with the theory group at Fermilab
  • Students are involved weekly in two seminars
  • Students travel to summer schools and conferences