Kenneth Heitritter, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor
Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Kenneth Heitritter is interested in research that explores different approaches to the quantization of gravitational phenomena and their corresponding phenomenology. Currently, he works with Professor Vincent Rodgers on a project which extends projective structures in two-dimensional quantum gravity to a setting of four-dimensional spacetime.

Kory Stiffler

Kory Stiffler, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor

Kory Stiffler is a theoretical physicist with research interests in supersymmetry, black hole physics, cosmology, and string theory. for black hole physics and cosmology research, Kory focuses on Thomas-Whitehead gravity developed by Professor Vincent G. J. Rodgers (University of Iowa). In supersymmetry research, Kory focuses on adinkras: colorful diagrams encoding supersymmetry. To aid in adinkra research for students and colleagues, as owner of the GitHub organization HEPTHools, Kory along with several student members has developed the adinkra.m mathematica package.