Matthew C. Miller

Engineering Coordinator

Matt is an Engineering Coordinator working in the University of Iowa - Physics and Astronomy Machine Shop.  He has worked in the machine shop a total of 10 years starting in 2009.  He specializes in 3/4/5 axis CNC machining of complex space flight hardware, solid modeling, tooling design, design for manufacturing, and conventional machining/fabricating.

Departmental projects include:  Juno, Van Allen Probes, MMS, Tracers MEB/MSC/ACE, Magic, Juice Rime, Europa Clipper Reason, Viper, Caboom/Blaze, Chimera, Aces II, Caper II, Charm II, Trice II, ICI-5, Halosat, Matisse, Bifocal, Plasmic/Lamp, CERN subprojects

Various other projects for multiple departments at the University of Iowa and outside institutions

Matt Miller

116 Van Allen Hall (VAN)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States