John A. Goree

John A. Goree
Ph.D., Princeton University, 1985
512 VAN
Office Phone: 
(319) 335-1843
555 VAN
518 VAN
501 VAN
Lab Phone: 
(319) 335-2829
(319) 353-2937
(319) 335-1909
Research Interests: 
Experimental plasma physics; statistical physics; soft condensed matter physics.
  • Dusty plasma, strongly-coupled plasma, optical diagnostics of plasmas, waves
  • Physics problems are interdisciplinary, combining condensed matter, statistical physics, and plasma physics; experiments involve direct comparisons to theory
  • Experiments are performed in our labs. Data from experiments on the International Space Station (ISS) are also analyzed
  • Two labs with plasma chambers and optical diagnostics
  • Students also interact with group members including a research scientist; other faculty and research scientists; collaborators in other countries
  • Students develop skills including design, construction, and operation of: vacuum, electronic, optical, and laser systems; programming in various languages; image analysis