Fatima Toor

fatima toor
Associate Professor (also in Electrical and Computer Engineering)
116 IATL
Office Phone: 
(319) 335-6071
Toor Lab
Research Interests: 
Experimental semiconductor optoelectronics
  • Ultraviolet (UV) to terahertz (THz) semiconductor optoelectronics and photonics research
  • Engineering of the properties of electrons, photons, and phonons in micro- and nano-structured materials
  • Computer-based analytical modeling
  • Target applications include photovoltaics, biosensors, midinfrared light emitters as well as fundamental science discovery
  • Facilities include an optical lab
  • Use of shared facilities on-campus: MATFab, and Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE)┬álab and Central Microscopy Research Facility (CMRF)
  • Team alumni have obtained positions in industry, academia, and national research labs
  • https://ftoor.lab.uiowa.edu/research