Nuclear & Particle Physics Seminar

November 6, 2017 - 2:30pm
618 VAN

“Revisiting Einstein-Sasaki Manifolds in Search of Confining Field Theories” by Professor Vincent Rodgers, Department of Physics & Astronomy, The University of Iowa

Abstract:  In the last two decades, string theory has attempted to show a relationship between strongly coupled field theories and gravitational theories.  The most famous and perhaps the most compelling example of this is the relationship found for ten dimensional supergravity on AdS5 X S5 and four dimensional super conformal gauge theories. This four dimensional field theory, however, has a constant beta function making it irrelevant for theories such as QCD that have asymptotic freedom.  In this talk we will discuss techniques that give field theories with running coupling constants and further discuss our particular strategy of using 5-branes on resolved cone over a class of Einstein-Sasaki space and their resolutions.  These are the resolved cones over Y p,q spaces.  This gives us a detailed framework to study back-reacted five branes wrapped on the resolved cone over Y p,q and as a first step we find explicit solutions and construct an asymptotic expansion with the expected properties.