Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Congratulations to four graduate students in the Department of Physics and Astronomy who successfully defended their doctoral theses in March and April!

The students, listed with thesis title and thesis director, were:

Sanjay Chepuri

Sanjay Chepuri: "Studying Earth's Magnetosphere with Energetic Particle Observations." Director: Allison Jaynes

colin brown

Collin Brown: "Methods for Isolation and Phase-Space Energization Analysis of Instabilities in Collisionless Shocks with Applications." Director: Greg Howes


Jayasri Joseph: Wave Particle Interplay in Planetary Magnetospheres - Case Studies from Earth and Jupiter." Director: Allison Jaynes.


Keith Vidal: Charged Particles in Magnetic Fields from Strongly Coupled Plasmas to Whistler-Mode Chorus Waves."  Director: Allison Jaynes.