Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Choate, Sarah

Graduate Student Sarah Choate has been awarded $12,000 from the Universities Research Association's (URA) Visiting Scholars Program (VSP) to support work on “Study of the Neutrino Magnetic Moment with the NOvA Near Detector.”

The grant will allow Choate to work on this research at Fermilab with members of the NOvA Collaboration who are part of the Exotics or Near Detector group. After understanding prior work done, she will conduct the magnetic moment analysis,  analyze the data, and summarize her findings in a formal presentation.

"Being able to speak face-to-face with those who are experts in neutrinos physics at Fermilab will not only allow the analysis to progress more  rapidly than it otherwise would have, it will also be beneficial to my long term goals, which revolve around remaining in neutrino physics," Choate said. Learn more about the NOvA experiment here.

The VSP was established in 2007 to support faculty and students from URA institutions to work at Fermilab for up to one year.