Monday, February 19, 2024

On February 15th, the department hosted the first annual Acevedo Poster Contest, giving participating students a chance to show how they used computing resources, tools, or techniques in their research.

Professor John Prineas, Director of Research Operations, served as judge and was highly complimentary of all posters presented.

Two winners were selected - one graduate student and one undergraduate student - and they will each receive a prize of $100.

Thank you to everyone who presented and everyone who attended!

Jeff Leiberton explaining his research at Acevedo Poster Contest 2024

Undergraduate Winner: Jeff Leiberton
Mentor: Prof. Denis Candido
Title: Towards Realistic Solid State Platforms for Quantum Computing with Topological Magnons
Judging Comments: "Jeff had an excellent poster, gave a good presentation, and used Mathematica substantially to simulate interactions of NV centers entangled via a magnonic bus. The fact that he was simulating a new type of computing helped push his poster to the top."




Prof. John Prineas judging Sarah Choate's poster at Acevedo Poster Contest 2024

Graduate Winner: Sarah Choate
Mentor: Prof. Jane Nachtman
Title: Method of Generating Simulations for Neutrino Studies in the DUNE FD
Judging Comments: "Sarah had an excellent poster, gave the best presentation, and used computer simulations in a substantial and innovative way to model tau neutrino interactions with liquid Argon for DUNE, which can be used to uncover exciting new physics."