Monday, December 18, 2023

Several students in the Department of Physics and Astronomy were candidates for degrees at the University of Iowa Fall Commencement ceremonies Dec. 15-16. 

Sarah Henderson, Sean Gunderson, and Vitaliy Zhuravlyov were candidates for doctorate degrees in physics. 

    Diksha Garg, Katrina Schrock, Dustin Swarm, and Yueguang Shi earned a Ph.D. in Physics in Summer 2023 and were honored at the Fall Commencement program.

    Cecilia Fasano,  Zheyue Hang, and Michael Hite were candidates for a Master of Science degree in physics. 

    Candidates for bachelor's degrees included: 

    • Stephon Berry (Physics B.S.)
    • Noah Bjerke (Physics B.S. & Mathematics Minor)
    • Evan Hagen (Electrical Engineering B.S.E and Physics Minor)
    • Emilio Jarrin (Physics B.S., Astronomy Minor & Mathematics Minor)
    • Justin Petkus (Computer Science B.A. and Physics Minor)
    • Jacob Vincel (Physics B.A.)


    From left to right:

    Front row: Dustin Swarm, Sarah Henderson, Diksha Garg, Sean Gunderson

    Back row: Ken Gayley, Casey DeRoo, and Hallsie Reno