Monday, November 13, 2023

Three Physics and Astronomy students presented posters at the Fall Undergraduate Research Festival (FURF) on Nov. 8 at the University Capitol Centre.

The Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates hosts FURF, held in celebration and recognition of undergraduate researchers' contributions to research, scholarly, and creative work at the University of Iowa. It is a low-stress platform for undergraduate students to practice communicating their research, scholarly, and/or creative work to a broad audience. Presenters represented a broad range of sciences, arts, and humanities.

Owen Fiedorowicz will be awarded a $100 prize for having the top Physics and Astronomy poster.

Physics and Astronomy students who presented posters are listed below with their poster title, majors, and faculty mentor:

Eric Biedke presenting a poster


Eric Biedke
Canonical Quantization of Thomas-Whitehead Projective Gravity
Majors:  Physics, Astronomy, and Math
Mentor:  Dr. Vincent Rodgers 





Owen Fiedorowicz presents a physics poster


Owen Fiedorowicz
Geodesic Deviation and Thomas-Whitehead Gravity
Majors:  Physics, Math
Mentor:  Dr. Vincent Rodgers





Univ. of Iowa physics student Jeff Leiberton presenting a poster


Jeff Leiberton
Towards Topological Magnons for Hybrid Magnonic Systems
Majors:  Physics, Mathematics
Mentor:  Dr. Denis Candido