Thursday, April 13, 2023

Congratulations to four graduate students in the Department of Physics and Astronomy who successfully defended their theses in April!

The students were:


Zoe Bellis

MS Thesis Title: “Undergraduate Learners' Prior Knowledge in an Introductory Astronomy Course”
Thesis Committee: Keri Hoadley, Cornelia Lang, Jodi Linley





Photo of Sarah Conley

Sarah Conley

Ph.D. Thesis Title: “Characterizing the Velocity Space Signatures of Electron Landau Damping”
Thesis Committee: Greg Howes, Jasper Halekas, Allison Jaynes, Fred Skiff, Kris Klein





Riley Troyer

Riley Troyer

Ph.D. Thesis Title: “The Implications and Characteristics of Diffuse-Like but Dynamic Aurora”
Thesis Committee: Allison Jaynes, Casey DeRoo, David Miles, Jasper Halekas, Robert Michell






Daniel Simons

Ph.D.Thesis Title: “The Z-expansion: Applications in Particle Decay and Scattering Processes”
Thesis Committee: Yannick Meurice, Vincent Rodgers, Wayne Polyzou, Jane Nachtman, Michael Wagman