Thursday, November 10, 2022

Jacob Payne

Graduate Student Jacob Payne has been accepted to the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Astrophysics Mission Design School. The Science Mission Design Schools are designed to prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers for participation and leadership in space science missions of the future.

This is the first-ever program for Astrophysics science/missions and is modeled after existing Design School programs in the Planetary Science and Heliospheric Divisions of NASA. The application drew candidates from around the nation, and Jacob was selected from this competitive pool. This student training dovetails with Iowa's strategic objectives in space-based instrumentation. The three-month mostly virtual program begins in January and is hosted by JPL/CalTech.

Check out this link for additional information about the program:

Jacob is a first-year graduate student working with Assistant Professor Casey DeRoo.