Monday, May 16, 2022

Several students in the Department of Physics and Astronomy were candidates for degrees at the University of Iowa Spring Commencement Ceremonies on May 13 and 14. 

Ph.D. and Master's Degrees: 
  • Evan E. Abbuhl, Ph.D. Physics
  • Sanjay Chepuri, M.S. Physics
  • Arran Gross, Ph.D. Physics (Astronomy)
  • Sean J. Gunderson, M.S. Astronomy. Future plans: pursue a Ph.D. in Physics (Astronomy) at the UI
  • Kwangyul Hu, Ph.D., Physics
  • Physics Brady Martin, M.S. Physics. Future plans: pursue a Ph.D. in Physics at the UI
  • Andrew J. McCubbin, Ph.D. Physics
  • Dylan Paré, Ph.D. Physics
  • Joshua L. Steffen, Ph.D. Physics (Astronomy)
  • Ashok Tiwari, Ph.D. Physics. Future plans: Postdoctoral position at UI Department of Radiology
Candidates for bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degrees:
  • Taylor M. Carstens, B.A. Physics
  • Mingzhu Cui, B.S. Physics
  • Andrew L. DeGonia, B.A. Physics
  • Cole J. Dorman, B.S. Physics (Distinction), Astronomy, & Minor in Mathematics. Future plans: Graduate School - University of Michigan
  • Joshua Doucette, B.S. Physics, Mathematics, & Minor in Computer Science
  • Maxwell R. Herrmann, B.S. Physics & Mathematics (Highest Distinction). Future plans: Graduate School - University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Brian M. Linder, B.A. Astronomy
  • John C. Momberg, B.S. Physics & Astronomy
  • Aaron W. Mueller, B.S. Physics & Mathematics
  • Salvatore Quaid, B.S. Physics (Distinction) & Mathematics; University Honors. Future plans: Graduate School - University of Iowa
  • Samantha M. Watkins, B.S. Physics. Future plans: pursuing employment as an actuary or data scientist
  • Laura Weiler, B.S. Physics (Distinction) & Computer Science. Future plans: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry

We had several students graduating with their Ph.D. degree today! Congratulations to all! We're so proud of you, Drs....

Posted by Department of Physics & Astronomy, The University of Iowa on Friday, May 13, 2022