Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Congratulations to six graduate students in the Department of Physics and Astronomy who successfully defended their doctoral theses in April!

The students (with their degree, thesis title, and thesis committee) were:

Evan Abbuhl at dissertation defense

Evan Abbuhl – Ph.D. in Physics.

Thesis Title:  "Very Long Baseline Interferometry of Chromospherically Active Binary Stars. 

Thesis Committee:  Professors Kenneth Gayley (Advisor), Cornelia Lang, Robert Mutel, and Dr. Robert Zavala from the U.S. Naval Observatory"




Arran Gross dissertation

Arran Gross – Ph.D. in Physics (Astronomy subtrack). 

Thesis Title:  Testing the Radio-Selection Method with Optical Spectroscopy in the Stripe 82 Field

Thesis Committee:  Professors Hai Fu (Advisor), Casey DeRoo, Keri Hoadley, Adam Myers (University of Wyoming), and Dr. Andrea Prestwich (Astrophysicist at Center for Astrophysics, Harvard & Smithsonian)




Kwang Hu dissertation

Kwangyul HuPh.D. in Physics

Thesis Title: Spin-wave Dynamics in Non-trivial Magnetic Geometries

Thesis Committee: Profs. Michael Flatté (Advisor), Craig Pryor, Yannick Meurice, Markus Wohlgenannt, and Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin




Pare PhD dissertation defense

Dylan Paré – Ph.D. in Physics

Thesis Title: Investigating Properties of Multi-stranded Non-thermal Filaments in the Galactic Center

Thesis Committee:  Prof. Cornelia Lang and (Advisor), Professors Phil Kaaret, Ken Gayley, Cornelia Lang, Hai Fu, and Dr. James Green




Josh Steffen dissertation

Joshua Steffen – Ph.D. in Physics (Astronomy subtrack)

Thesis Title:  The Volume Density of AGN in Interacting Galaxies

Thesis Committee:  Professors Hai Fu (Advisor), Casey DeRoo, Phil Kaaret, Keri Hoadley, and Julia Comerfield from the University of Colorado, Boulder




Ashok Tiwari dissertation 

Ashok Tiwari – Ph.D. in Physics

Thesis Title: Monte Carlo Simulations and Phantom Measurements towards more Quantitative Dosimetry and Imaging in Nuclear Medicine

Thesis Committee:  Dr. John Sunderland (Advisor), Professors Craig Pryor, Wayne Polyzou, Vincent Rodgers, Dr. Tiwari, and Dr. Ryan Flynn from the Dept. of Radiation Oncology.



Banner photo: Joshua Steffen's thesis defense committee - Professors Hai Fu (advisor), Julia Comerfield (via computer) from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Casey DeRoo, Phil Kaaret, and Keri Hoadley.