Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Department of Physics and Astronomy honored several students, faculty, and staff for their achievements on April 26 at the 2022 Awards Colloquium in 301 VAN.

Here is the program for the awards colloquium, including a list of students who graduated in December 2021 and candidates for graduation in May and July 2022.

Undergraduate Awards

Brian D. Strayer & Richard L. Rairden Scholarship in Physics: Andrew Milne (renewal)

James A. Van Allen Award: Joshua D. Doucette, Maxwell R. Herrmann, Laura Weiler (pictured left to right with Jane Nachtman)

Joshua Doucette award
Maxwell Herrmann award
Laura Weiler awards colloquium






Myrtle K. Maier Scholarship: Melissa Peters (renewal), Juliana Karl

Undergraduate Scholar Award: Cole J. Dorman, John C. Momberg, Salvatore Quaid 

cole dorman award
Cole Dorman
Salvatore Quaid award
Salvatore Quaid






Waldo Edward & Martha Althaus Smith Memorial Award: Zach Vig 

Zach Vig Althaus Smith Award





John & Elsie Mae Ferentz Research Fund: Will Golay, Salvatore Quaid

Andrew Nelson Undergraduate Research Prize: Zachary Vig, Hank Hammer

Dare to Discover: Joshua Doucette, Laura Weiler

Charles A. Wert Scholarship: Mary Haag, Avi Kaufman

James A. Van Allen Research: Jacob Andrews, Thomas Bruner

Graduate Awards

G. William Pfeiffer & Marilyn M. Maltby Scholarship: Jacob Fruchtman

Goertz/Nicholson Memorial Scholarship: Sean Gunderson

John & Stacey Wahl Scholarship: Samantha Watkins

Pfeiffer Family Scholarship: Cecilia Fasano (pictured with Vince Rodgers)

Cecilia Fasano award








Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award: Arran Gross

NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Opportunities Fellowship: Jared Termini

Ballard & Seashore Dissertation Fellowship: Ashok Tiwari

Universities Research Association Award: Ohannes Kamer Koseyan

Iowa Space Grant Consortium Fellowship: Cecilia Fasano

Outstanding Service to the Graduate Program Award: Cecilia Fasano, Arran Gross

Phi Beta Kappa Society

Astronomy: John Momberg. Physics: Aditya Desai, Philippe Jay, John Momberg, Nicholas Morrow.

Staff Awards

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion: Kathy Kurth

UI Pres Barbara Wilson and Kathy Kurth






Mary Louise Kelley Staff Excellence Award: Chris Piker

Mary Louise Kelley Awardees Chris Piker far right








Mary Jo Small Staff Fellowship Award: Dale Stille

Longevity Awards:  Kathy Kurth - 45 Years of Service, Dale Stille, 35 Years of Service; Joseph Groene, 30 Years of Service; Jeremy Faden, 25 Years of Service; Scott Bounds and Ianos Schmidt, 20 Years of Service.

Post Doc Awards

URA Visiting Scholar: Dr. Kenneth Heitritter

Post-Doctoral Research Scholar/Fellow Excellence Award: Dr. Rachael Filwett

Faculty Awards

OVPR Scholar of the Year Award: Professor Greg Howes

CLAS Collegiate Scholar Award: Professor Jasper Halekas

CLAS Dean's Scholar Award: Professor Allison Jaynes

IEEE Magnetics Society 2022 Distinguished Lecturer: Professor Michael Flatt√©

Faculty Promotions

Gregory Howes - Promotion to Full Professor

Jasper Halekas - Promotion to Full Professor

Allison Jaynes - Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure

Three undergraduates gave presentations on their research projects:

Cole Dorman: "The Development of the MAGIC Magnetic Screening Apparatus"

Salvatore Quaid "Geodesics in Thomas-Whitehead Projective Gravity"

Laura Weiler: "CCSD-FS-GPR: a method for reducing finite size error in periodic coupled cluster theory for metals"