Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Congratulations to Sydney Provence for successfully defending her PhD dissertation on "Next Generation Mid-Wave Infrared Cascaded Light Emitting Diodes: Growth of Broadband, Multispectral, and Single Color Devices on GaAs and Integrated Circuits."

"Novel semiconductor architectures are investigated for high power mid-infrared LED arrays for thermal scene projectors. Epitaxial growth of 6.1 Å semiconductors on lattice-mismatched substrates (GaAs, 5.65 Å) is developed for growth on large diameter GaAs wafers and on the backside of small GaAs integrated circuits. Carrier recombination processes as well as internal quantum efficiencies are measured through ultrafast optical measurements, and compared to samples grown on lattice-matched (GaSb) substrates. Growth and fabrication of an independently controllable two-color LEDs, which have over 1,000 interfaces, is demonstrated, as is a broadband LED created by shifting the bandgap in each stage of cascaded device."
— John Prineas, PhD advisor