Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Congratulations to Xing Li for successfully defending her PhD dissertation on "Novel Brachytherapy Techniques for Cervical Cancer and Prostate Cancer."

"Xing Li's thesis is about pushing brachytherapy to the next level. She investigated two novel techniques for improving brachytherapy for both cervical cancer and prostate cancer. For cervical cancer, she found a way to create a system for controlling the intensity of x-rays emanating from a radiation source inside a cervical cancer tumor by using 3-D printing to generate a metal compensator with spatially-varying thicknesses. For prostate cancer, she investigated the use of a new isotope, Gd-153, which has an ideal energy and dose rate for partial shielding inside interstitial needles with 1.65 mm diameters. In this process Xing constructed prototypes of both systems and demonstrated how each system could become a reality."
— Ryan Flynn, PhD advisor

Dr. Li has accepted a medical physics residency at the University of Miami.

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