Thursday, October 2, 2014

Congratulations to Asli Yildirim for successfully defending her PhD dissertation on "Phase Separation and Defect Formation in Stable, Metastable, and Unstable GaInAsSb Alloys for Infrared Applications."

"GaInAsSb semiconductor alloys grown on GaSb are a potentially important material for infrared devices (2-5 um). However, growth of this alloy has been plagued by an immiscibility gap (elements do not mix). In this dissertation, it is shown that using strain and nonequilibrium epitaxial growth techniques, phase separation of the alloy into binary, ternary, or other quaternary parts can be suppressed, and an optically high quality, mixed alloy grown. Additionally, Ga containing alloys have been implicated in degrading the carrier lifetime, an important metric for many types of optoelectronic devices. Here, the role of Ga defects in carrier lifetime are investigate."
— John Prineas, PhD advisor

Dr. Yildirim has accepted a position as a Process Engineer at Compound Photonics, Phoenix, AZ.

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