Friday, November 8, 2013

Congratulations to Kristopher Klein for successfully defending his PhD dissertation on "The Kinetic Plasma Physics of Solar Wind Turbulence."

"Kris developed a new technique, the synthetic spacecraft data method, by which one may explore the kinetic plasma physics of turbulence in the solar wind. Synthetic data is constructed from a model for the turbulence based on nonlinear turbulence phenomenology combined with the linear kinetic properties of the solar wind plasma. Such synthetic data is processed in the same way as in situ spacecraft measurements and directly compared to the observational results. This technique has proven valuable in constraining the properties of the solar wind turbulence, providing valuable insight into the physical mechanisms responsible for the nonlinear energy cascade, dissipation, and plasma heating in the solar wind."
— Gregory Howes, PhD advisor

Kris has been awarded a highly competitive NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. For this two-year postdoctoral fellowship, he will be working with Professor Ben Chandran at the University of New Hampshire on studies of the kinetic plasma physics of the solar corona and solar wind.

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