Undergraduate Research Projects AY14-15

Student Project and Supervisor
Runcheng Huang "Efficient computation of transport coefficients in strongly coupled plasma," Professor Baalrud
Nicholas Sagartz "IR LED fabrication and evaluation," Professor Boggess
Michael Dominguez "Spindecoherence of diamond spin centers near surfaces", Professor Flatté
Tyler Page "X-ray diagnostics of thermal plasmas," Professor Gayley
Charles Stapleford "Windspeed Modulated Shocks in Hot-Star Winds," Professor Gayley
Timothy Kennelly "Ordering of injection events with Saturnian SLS longitude and local time," Professor Gurnett
Ross McCurdy "Construction of a CubeSat ground station," Professor Kaaret
Mackenzie McLoath "Java Script Programming for Van Allen Probes Data Analysis," Professor Kletzing
Susan Schmitz "Observations of molecular clouds and star formation in the galactic center," Professor Lang
Kenny Heitritter "Analysis of pulsar wind nebulae in SNR," Professor McEntaffer
Benjamin Donovan "Alignment tolerances and stability for X-ray grating modules," Professor McEntaffer
Drew Miles "Development for the OGRESS suborbital X-ray rocket," Professor McEntaffer
Thomas Peterson "Fabrication of X-ray diffraction gratings," Professor McEntaffer
Drew Coffin "Rigel telescope, determining parallax of near Earth asteroids and photometric calibration of stars," Professor Mutel
Trevor Knuth "CMS HF Upgrade," Professors Nachtman and Onel
Lincoln Adams "CMS HF Upgrade, Forward calorimetry R&D project," Professor Onel
Jared Corso "CMS HF Upgrade, Secondary emission calorimetry project," Professor Onel
David Southwick "CMS HF Upgrade, Secondary emission calorimetry project," Professor Onel
Aaron Masover "CMS HF Upgrade," Professor Onel
Tim Kennelly "Momentum space partial wave Argonne V18 potential," Professor Polyzou
Chuck Han "Spin content of relativistic wave functions," Professor Polyzou
Thomas Peterson "Quark-String Models," Professor Polyzou
Nicholas Rolston "Growth of semiconductor nanowires," Professor Prineas
Maxwell Lassise "Growth of semiconductor nanowires," Professor Prineas
Josh Cebulski "Building a Fizeau laser wavemeter," Professor Skiff
Tony Rogers "Building a radio-frequency inductively coupled plasma source," Professor Skiff
Siqi Ge "Rebuilding a magnet cooling system," Professor Skiff
Jacob Buffo "Analysis of coronal plasma properties with 5 solar radii," Professor Spangler

Undergraduate Research Projects AY13-14

Undergraduate Research Projects AY12-13