Physics and Mathematics Electives

Physics Electives Description Mathematics Electives Description
ASTR:3771 Intro to Astrophysics I MATH:3600 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
ASTR:3772 Intro to Astrophysics II MATH:4200 Complex Variables
PHYS:3850 Electronics (may not be repeated) MATH:5600 Nonlinear Dynamics and Numerical Methods
PHYS:4750 Advanced Lab (third semester) MATH:5700 Partial Diff Equations with Numerical Methods
PHYS:4761-62 Mathematical Methods MATH:5800 Numerical Analysis Nonlinear Equation Approx. Theory
PHYS:4720 Introductory Optics
PHYS:4726 ​Electro Optics
PHYS:4820 ​Optical Signal Processing
ASTR:4770 ​Radio Astronomy
PHYS:4740 ​Elementary Particles and Nuclear Physics
PHYS:4728 ​Introductory Solid State Physics
PHYS:4731 ​Plasma Physics I
PHYS:7729 ​Plasma Physics II
PHYS:5729 Fluid Mechanics
PHYS:4860 Computational Physics