Effective for Fall 2019, regression for Physics and Astronomy courses occurs when:

Regression table: First column is course, Second column is the course taken after
COURSE is taken after
ASTR:1070 ASTR:1771 or 1772
ASTR:1080 ASTR:1771 or 1772
PHYS:1200 PHYS:1400 or 1511 or 1611 or 1701
PHYS:1400 PHYS:1200 or 1511 or 1611 or 1701
PHYS:1511 PHYS:1611 or 1701
PHYS:1512 PHYS:1612 or 1702
PHYS:1611 PHYS:1701
PHYS:1612 PHYS:1702