Physics/Computer Science Faculty at UI

Physics researchers have always played a leading role in the Computer Sciences because of our extensive and specialized computing hardware and software needs. To get an idea of how important computing is to physics research a recent estimate showed the department supporting more than 500 computers, not counting computers used for laboratory classes. Until now, only our graduate students have been able to benefit from this extremely strong science/computing interaction. Indeed, nearly 1/3 of Physics graduates move into CS jobs after they get their PhD. With the creation of the applied physics degree it is now possible to extend this rich and fulfilling area to undergraduate students. There are faculty in nearly every research area within the department who are heavily involved in writing analysis code. Some of these groups are listed below:

Poincaré section calculated by Prof. Meurice 
Nuclear & Particle Physics
Computer simulation of a phonon wake in a two-dimensional lattice 
Condensed Matter Physics
Astrophysics & Astronomy
Space & Plasma Physics
atomic physics laboratory
Atmospheric & Environmental Physics