Applied Physics Degree Program

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers Bachelor of Science degrees in four key areas of Applied Physics. The program is designed for students who:

  • wish to significantly enhance their degree by adding applied physics as a second major,
  • intend to go directly into a laboratory or industry upon graduation,
  • continue on to a physics graduate degree or
  • go to medical school upon graduation.

Applied Physics B.S. Degree Requirements

For those who wish to pursue a degree in other areas of applied physics, a program which can be tailored to your specific needs is also available. The curriculum is a blend of a traditional bachelor's degree program in physics, and professional training in a technologically-relevant field.

In addition to the course work requirements each student is asked to complete an internship. This is typically done during the summer (full time) or during one or more semesters. The student usually works in industry or in a research laboratory on campus. For further details please see AP Internship Requirements.

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Solid State Physics

For further information, click on the above table or contact the Applied Physics Coordinator.

Applied Physics Coordinator
Professor Wayne Polyzou
306 Van Allen Hall
Phone:  (319) 335-1856