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Dale Stille

Hawk-Eyes on Science and Hawk-Eyes in Space Outreach Programs

This program paid for in part by grants from the American Physical Society ( APS ) "Physics On The Road" grants for the 2005 and 2006 calendar years, the General Electric Corporation, the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) Bauder fund 2005 - present, the American Physical Society ( APS ) "LaserFest" grant for 2010, the University of Iowa "Expanding and Enhancing STEM Initiatives Within CLAS" grant which is part of the "Better Future for Iowans Initiative" funded through the Provost's Office for the 2012-13 calendar years, and a Van Allen Probes EMFISIS EPO Phase E grant from 2013 thru 2015.

Outreach Coordinators

Dale Stille - Instructional Resource Specialist
58 Van Allen Hall  - (319) 335-1833  - dale-stille@uiowa.edu

Vincent Rodgers - Professor
Vincent Rodgers - 513 Van Allen Hall - (319) 335-1219 - vincent-rodgers@uiowa.edu

Gregory Howes - Associate Professor
505 Van Allen Hall - (319) 335-1221 - gregory-howes@uiowa.edu 

Jeanne Mullen - Academic Programs Coordinator
202 Van Allen Hall -  (319) 335-1687 - jeanne-mullen@uiowa.edu

FAX  (319) 335-1753

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