George Hospodarsky visits Van Allen Elementary

October 4, 2019
Chariton, IA

George Hospodarsky visited Van Allen Elementary School in Chariton, IA on Friday, October 4th where he gave four presentations, three to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes where he talked about James Van Allen, the history of space physics at the University of Iowa, Explorer I, Juno, Cassini, Van Allen Probes, Mars Express, TRACERS, Voyager, VIPER, and other past and ongoing projects and answered their questions about space.

The fourth presentation was to the 15 high school students (13 seniors and two juniors) from their Physics and Advanced Math class and two adults. There he talked about Van Allen, departmental projects, being a space physicist, and answered questions about physics, space, and careers in the sciences.