Astrophysis/Space Physics Seminar

October 30, 2019 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
301 VAN

Ms. Emily Silich; Department of Physics & Astronomy; University of Iowa

“HaloSat observations of the Vela and Puppis A supernova remnants”

Abstract: The Vela and Puppis A supernova remnants (SNRs) comprise a large emission region of ~8◦ diameter in the soft X-ray sky. The HaloSat mission provides the first soft X-ray (0.4 − 7 keV) observation of the entire Vela SNR and Puppis A SNR region with a single pointing at moderate spectral resolution. I report on HaloSat observations of this region, as well as the best-fit spectral models and the X-ray luminosities of the Vela and Puppis A SNRs.


Ms. Sarah Hovrath; Department of Physics & Astronomy; University of Iowa

“Field-Particle Correlation Signatures of Electron Landau Damping in Magnetosheath Turbulence”

 Abstract: Recent analysis of MMS data using the Field-Particle Correlation Technique has found a convincing signature of particle heating due to electron Landau damping in the magnetosheath. However, a supporting signature of simulated electron Landau damping was not available for comparison. In this work, we generate a gyrokinetic simulation of strong magnetosheath turbulence, having plasma parameters modeled after the MMS observation, and apply field-particle correlations to look for a corroborating signature of net electron heating by Landau damping.


Ms. Milla Kalliokoshi; Doctoral Student; University of Helsinki, Finland

“Outer radiation belt response to sheath regions of coronal mass ejections”

 Abstract: Electron fluxes in the outer Van Allen radiation belt surrounding the Earth can vary dramatically on several timescales, which presents a hazard for spacecraft traversing the belt. As opposed to previous studies considering long time periods, I have investigated the immediate response of the outer belt electron fluxes to driving by sheath regions of coronal mass ejections, using Van Allen Probes observations from 2012 to 2018. I have also performed a superposed epoch analysis of inner magnetospheric wave activity during the events.

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