Rachael Filwett, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Rachael’s research interests are in observational space physics. She is particularly interested in high energy ions and how they are accelerated and transported from the near-Sun environment to, and through, planetary magnetospheres. Rachael is also interested in developing next-generation instruments to support missions to study extreme environments at low-cost.  Rachael is currently a National Science Foundation Atmosphere and Geospace Postdoctoral Research Fellow. She won the Postdoctoral Research Scholar/Fellow Excellence Award from the University in 2021

Research/teaching interests: Rachael enjoys studying energetic particles in outer space wherever they may be found. In the classroom, Rachael’s goal is to get students excited about physics and for them to see the basic applications of the concepts they are learning in their everyday lives.

Research areas
  • Space Physics
Rachel Filwett
Ph.D. Physics, the University of Texas at San Antonio 2018, M.S. Physics, the University of Texas at San Antonio 2016, B.S. Physics and East Asian Studies, Valparaiso University 2013

351 Van Allen Hall (VAN)
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