Recent Graduates/PhD Dissertations




  • Feng Chu, May 2018, "Validation of a Lagrangian Model for Laser-induced Fluorescence" PhD advisor: Frederick Skiff
  • Allison Costa, May 2018, "A Study of Magnetic Fields in HII Regions Using Faraday Rotation" PhD advisor: Steven Spangler
  • Suleyman Durgut, May 2018. "Evidence of a Narrow Structure in Y(1S)1^- Mass Spectrum and CMS Phase I & II Silicon Detector" PhD advisor: Yasar Onel
  • Delalcan Kilic, May 2018, "The Diffeomorphism Field" PhD advisor: Vincent Rogers


  • Matthew Brorby, May 2017, "X-ray Binaries in Local Analogs to the First Galaxies" PhD advisor:  Philip E. Kaaret
  • Maksat Haytmyradov, May 2017, "The First Observation of Y(1S) Pair Production and Hadron Calorimetry Upgrade at CMS"  PhD advisor:  Jane M. Nachtman
  • Dominic Ludovici, May 2017, "Radio Studies of the Galactic Center, Developing Spectroscopic Instrumentation for Robotic Telescopes, and Creating Active Learning Astronomy Laboratory Activities"  PhD advisor: Cornelia C. Lang
  • Zechariah Gelzer, August 2017, "Lattice Gauge Theories Within and Beyond the Standard Model" PhD advisor: Yannick Meurice
  • Zachary Haralson, August 2017, "Viscious Transport in Liquid-Like Two-Dimensional Dusty Plasmas" PhD advisor: John Goree
  • Viktor Khristenko, August 2017, "A Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the μ+μ - Decay Channel in PP Collisions at sqrt(S) = 13 TEV in CMS, Callibration of CMS Hadron Forward Calorimeter, and Simulations of Modern Calori"  PhD advisor: Yasar Onel
  • Minh Luu, August 2017, "Tau Neutrino Propagation Through Earth: Structure Function Parametrization and Dipole Model"  PhD advisor:  Mary Hall Reno
  • Brett Scheiner, August 2017, "Theory and Simulation of Electron Sheaths and Anode Spots in Low Pressure Plasmas"  PhD advisor: Scott D. Baalrud
  • James Schroeder, August 2017, "Exploring the Alfvén-wave Acceleration of Auroral Electrons in the Laboratory"  PhD advisor:  Frederick N. Skiff
  • Emrah Tiras, August 2017, "Search for Heavy Majorana Neutrinos in ee + jets Events with the CMS Detector in pp Collisions at √s = 8 TeV  & Research and Development Students for Photodetectors and Calorimeters at LHC and Future Colliders"  PhD advisor:  Yasar Onel
  • Judah Unmuth-Yockey, August 2017, "The Tensor Renormalization Group and Applications to Quantum Simulation with Optical Lattices with Cold Atoms"  PhD advisor:  Yannick Meurice
  • Sarker Anik Iqbal, December 2017, "Effects of Interactions in Field-Induced Resonances in Electron Gases and Superfluids"  PhD advisor:  Michael E. Flatté
  • Sean Mattingly, December 2017, "Velocity Space Degrees of Freedon of Plasma Fluctuations" PhD advisor:  Frederick N. Skiff
  • Russell Ricker, December 2017, "Advances in INAS/GASB Type-II Superlattice Light-Emitting Diode Arrays"  PhD advisor:  John P. Prineas
  • Yifei Wang, December 2017, "A Study of Magnetic Field Effect in Orgaic Semiconductor Devices"  PhD advisor:  Markus Wohlgenannt


  • Glade Sietsema, November 2016, "Properties and Dynamics of Spin Waves in One and Two Dimensional Magnonic Crystals.PhD advisor: Michael Flatté
  • "Wenhao Hu, July 2016, "First Principles Investigations of Single Dopants in Diamond and Silicon Carbide," PhD advisor: Michael Flatté
  • Jason Kooi, June 2016, "Very Large Array Faraday Rotation Studies of Coronal Plasma," PhD advisor: Steven Spangler
  • Sydney Provence, June 2016, "Next Generation Mid-Wave Infrared Cascaded Light Emitting Diodes: Growth of Broadband, Multispectral, and Single Color Devices on GaAs and Integrated Circuits," PhD advisor: John Prineas
  • Yigit Aytac, May 2016, "Time-Resolved Measurements of Charge Carrier Dynamics in MWIR to LWIR InAs/InAsSb Superlattices," PhD advisor: Thomas Boggess
  • Levent Sensoy, April 2016, "GeO-PET: A Novel 4π Geometry Organ - PET for Small Animals," PhD advisor: John Sunderland
  • Hannah Marlowe, March 2016, "Polarimetric and Spectrographic Instrumentation to Enable Next Generation X-ray Observatories," PhD advisor: Randall McEntaffer
  • Kamuran Dilsiz, February 2016, "Cross Section Measurement of Simultaneously Produced Upsilon and J/Psi Mesons and Upgrade Studies for the CMS Detector," PhD advisor: Jane Nachtman
  • Hasan Ogul, February 2016, "Measurement of the Differential Cross Sections and Charge Asymmetry of Inclusive pp->W (μν) Production with 8 TeV CMS Data and CMS Single Muon Trigger Efficiency Study," PhD advisor: Jane Nachtman


  • Scott Griffiths, July 2015, "Exploring the Limits of Lorentz Invariance with VERITAS Gamma-Ray Observations of Markarian 421," PhD advisor: Philip Kaaret
  • Cuneyt Sahin, July 2015, "Spin Dynamics of Complex Oxides, Bismuth-Antimony Alloys, and Bismuth Chalcogenides," PhD advisor: Michael Flatté
  • Victoria Kortan, July 2015, "Transition-Metal Dopants in Tetrahedrally Bonded Semiconductors: Symmetry and Exchange Interactions from Tight-Binding Models," PhD advisor: Michael Flatté
  • Jennifer Alexander, May 2015, "Optical Properties of Mineral Dust Aerosol Including Analysis of Particle Size, Composition, and Shape Effects, and the Impact of Physical and Chemical Processing," PhD advisor: Paul Kleiber
  • John Meyer, April 2015, "Experiments in Flowing and Freely Expanding Dusty Plasmas," PhD advisor: Robert Merlino
  • Catherine Whiting, April 2015, "Duality Symmetries in String-Inspired Supergravity: T-Dualities and the Gauge/Gravity Correspondence," PhD advisor: Vincent Rodgers
  • Xing Li, April 2015, "Novel Brachytherapy Techniques for Cervical Cancer and Prostate Cancer," PhD advisor: Ryan Flynn
  • Jershon Lopez, January 2015, "Demagnetization Diagnostics in Collisionless Space Plasma Layers," PhD advisor: Jack Scudder


  • Asli Yildirim, September 2014, "Phase Separation and Defect Formation in Stable, Metastable, and Unstable GaInAsSb Alloys for Infrared Applications," PhD advisor: John Prineas
  • Tuna Yildirim, September 2014, "Topologically Massive Yang-Mills Theory and Link Invariants," PhD advisor: Vincent Rodgers
  • James Wetzel, July 2014, "A Search for a Heavy Majorana Neutrino and a Radiation Damage Simulation for the HF Detector," PhD advisor: Jane Nachtman
  • Quentin Roper, July 2014, "Using Poisson Statistics to Analyze Supernova Remnant Emission in the Low Counts X-ray Regime," PhD advisor: Randall McEntaffer
  • Bradly Button, July 2014, "Applications of the Holographic Principle in String Theory," PhD advisor: Vincent Rodgers
  • Haiyuan Zou, July 2014, "Tensor Renormalization Group Methods for Spin and Gauge Models," PhD advisor: Yannick Meurice
  • Amit Kumar Mukhopadhyay, July 2014, "Statistics for Motion of Microparticles in a Plasma," PhD advisor: John Goree
  • Suranga Ruhunusiri, June 2014, "Investigation of Collective Phenomena in Dusty Plasmas," PhD advisor: John Goree
  • Christene Lynch, May 2014, "Radio Studies of Magnetic Fields of Cool Stars," PhD advisor: Robert Mutel
  • Anthony Moeller, March 2014, "Forward Physics in CMS: Simulation of PMT Hits in HF and Higgs Mass Reconstruction Methods with a Focus on Forward Jet Tagging," PhD advisor: Yasar Onel


  • Alan denBleyker, December 2013, "Study of Phase Transitions in Spin and Gauge Models Using Fisher’s Zeros," PhD advisor: Yannick Meurice
  • Ran Lin, November 2013, "Organic Spintronic Devices Utilizing Spin-Injection, Spin-Tunneling and Spin-Dependent Transport," PhD advisor: Markus Wohlgenannt
  • Kristopher Klein, November 2013, "The Kinetic Plasma Physics of Solar Wind Turbulence," PhD advisor: Gregory Howes
  • Dennis Norton, October 2013, "Type-II InAs/GaSb Superlattice LEDs: Applications for Infrared Scene Projector Systems," PhD advisor: Thomas Boggess
  • Timothy Harrington-Taber, October 2013, "Heavy Flavor Decay of Zgamma at CDF," PhD advisor: Jane Nachtman
  • Thomas Brantseg, July 2013, "Core-Collapse Supernova Remnants and Interactions with Their Surroundings," PhD advisor: Randall McEntaffer
  • Yuzhi Liu, July 2013, "Renormalization Group and Phase Transitions in Spin, Gauge and QCD-like Theories," PhD advisor: Yannick Meurice
  • Stephen Kaeppler, March 2013, "A Rocket-Bourne Investigation of Auroral Electrodynamics within the Auroral-Ionosphere," PhD advisor: Craig Kletzing
  • Benjamin Olson, February 2013, "Time-Resolved Measurements of Charge Carrier Dynamics and Optical Nonlinearities in Narrow-Bandgap Semiconductors," PhD advisor: Thomas Boggess


  • Lee Murray, December 2012, "Investigations into Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of InAs/GaSb Superlattices," PhD advisor: John Prineas
  • Warren Clarida, December 2012, "Same Sign Dimuon Search for Heavy Majorana Mass Neutrinos at the CMS Experiment at CERN and Design Studies of a Quartz Plate Calorimeter Prototype," PhD advisor: Yasar Onel
  • Kevin Nielson, December 2012, "Analysis and Gyrokinetic Simulation of MHD Alfvén Wave Interactions," PhD advisor: Gregory Howes
  • James Rybicki, July 2012, "Frequency and Time Domain Studies Of Magneto-Transport and Charge Trapping in Amorphous Organic Semiconductors," PhD advisor: Markus Wohlgenannt
  • Xiaolong Liu, July 2012, "Investigation of K-String Energy Using The GaugeGravity Correspondence," PhD advisor: Vincent Rodgers
  • Benjamin Moehlmann, July 2012, "Spin Transport In Strained Non-Magnetic Zinc Blende Semiconductors," PhD advisor: Michael Flatté
  • Kazuma Tsurusaki, July 2012, "Veritas Observations of Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources," PhD advisor: Philip Kaaret