Nuclear and Particle Physics — Graduate Research

A particle accelerator.Nuclear and particle physics is the study of particles and interactions, at the level of nucleons and their quark structure, and at the level of fundamental particles. Our program includes both experiment and theory. Graduate students perform experimental thesis projects at major accelerators, or they perform theory on campus. Our experimenters design and build detector components and perform data analysis, as part of large experiments with multi-institution teams of experimenters. We have weekly seminars on campus, where visitors, faculty and students in nuclear and particle physics present their work.

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We have five fellows of the American Physical Society. Group members publish in the leading journals and present their work at international conferences. Our experiments are performed at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) with additional projects at SLAC and Fermi National Laboratory. Our experimental students often reside at these labs, and enjoy all the resources and learning opportunities of these major facilities, after completing their courses at Iowa. Our theory students have opportunities to collaborate with scientists from other institutions and to present their research at national and international meetings.


Mohammad Alhusseini

Experimental high energy physics

Anindya Ghosh

Experimental particle physics

Kenneth Heitritter

String theory


Effective Field Theory, Quantum Chromodynamics

Christina Snyder

Experimental high energy physics