Markus Wohlgenannt

Markus Wohlgenannt
Ph.D., University of Utah, 2000
126 IATL
Office Phone: 
(319) 353-1974
188 IATL
Lab Phone: 
(319) 335-1242
Research Interests: 
Experimental polymer physics.
  • Light absorption, reflection and emission, continuous wave photo-induced (nonlinear) absorption
  • Organic dyes in unusual optical cavities, such as photonic crystals (crystal lattice constant is equal to light wavelength) and Bragg-reflectors, "random lasing"
  • Facilities include a spectroscopy facility using a cw laser; fabrication of organic light-emitting diodes, resonators and opals
  • Students participate in worldwide collaborations with semiconducting organics, chemistry and electrical engineering departments
  • Placement opportunities gained from learning include semiconductor or fiber optics industry, government labs, and academia