Operator Theory - Marius Ionescu

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Pushout of groupoid extensions and cocycles

Professor Marius Ionescu; Department of Mathematics, United States Naval Academy

Given a locally compact groupoid G and a locally compact abelian group bundle p_A → G^(0), an extension  Σ of A is a locally compact groupoid  Σ such that Σ^(0)= G^(0)together with maps i : A →  Σ and p :  Σ → G such that i is a homeomorphism onto its range, p is continuous and open, i and p restricted toG^(0) are the identity. Following earlier work by Kumjian and Tu, we prove that the collection of proper isomorphism classes of compatible extensions form an abelian group. We present in detail the pushout constructions of extensions of groupoids following previous work by Kumjian. We describe how the T-groupoid of an extension is a particular example of the pushout construction. For the main examples, we specialize to extensions by 2 cocycles and prove that the  pushout of such an extension is an extension by a cocycle as well. In particular, we desctib e the pushout of an extension by a normalized Čech cocycle with values in a locally compact abelian group. This presentation is based on work with Alex Kumjian, Jean Renault, Aidan Sims, and Dana Williams

Operator Theory
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Tuesday, November 30, 2021 1:30pm to 2:20pm
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