Recent Graduates

Congratulations to Dr. Glade Sietsema!

Glade Sietsema

Congratulations to Glade Sietsema for successfully defending his PhD dissertation on "Properties and Dynamics of Spin Waves in One and Two Dimensional Magnonic Crystals."

"Dr. Sietsema derived the properties of waves of magnetic distortion propagating in magnetic materials, including the propagating behavior of a wave pulse of magnetic distortion. He further derived the frequencies of magnetic waves in the presence of spatially-varying electric fields. These electric fields, in crystals which possess strong spin-orbit interaction, cause shifts in the magnetic wave velocity. As a result these spatially-varying electric fields open up frequency gaps in the spin-wave frequencies, preventing spin-waves of specific frequencies from propagating through the material."
— Michael Flatté, PhD advisor

Other Recent Graduates


  • Wenhao Hu, July 2016, "First Principles Investigations of Single Dopants in Diamond and Silicon Carbide," PhD advisor: Michael Flatté
  • Jason Kooi, June 2016, "Very Large Array Faraday Rotation Studies of Coronal Plasma," PhD advisor: Steven Spangler
  • Sydney Provence, June 2016, "Next Generation Mid-Wave Infrared Cascaded Light Emitting Diodes: Growth of Broadband, Multispectral, and Single Color Devices on GaAs and Integrated Circuits," PhD advisor: John Prineas
  • Yigit Aytac, May 2016, "Time-Resolved Measurements of Charge Carrier Dynamics in MWIR to LWIR InAs/InAsSb Superlattices," PhD advisor: Thomas Boggess
  • Levent Sensoy, April 2016, "GeO-PET: A Novel 4π Geometry Organ - PET for Small Animals," PhD advisor: John Sunderland
  • Hannah Marlowe, March 2016, "Polarimetric and Spectrographic Instrumentation to Enable Next Generation X-ray Observatories," PhD advisor: Randall McEntaffer
  • Kamuran Dilsiz, February 2016, "Cross Section Measurement of Simultaneously Produced Upsilon and J/Psi Mesons and Upgrade Studies for the CMS Detector," PhD advisor: Jane Nachtman
  • Hasan Ogul, February 2016, "Measurement of the Differential Cross Sections and Charge Asymmetry of Inclusive pp->W (μν) Production with 8 TeV CMS Data and CMS Single Muon Trigger Efficiency Study," PhD advisor: Jane Nachtman


  • Scott Griffiths, July 2015, "Exploring the Limits of Lorentz Invariance with VERITAS Gamma-Ray Observations of Markarian 421," PhD advisor: Philip Kaaret
  • Cuneyt Sahin, July 2015, "Spin Dynamics of Complex Oxides, Bismuth-Antimony Alloys, and Bismuth Chalcogenides," PhD advisor: Michael Flatté
  • Victoria Kortan, July 2015, "Transition-Metal Dopants in Tetrahedrally Bonded Semiconductors: Symmetry and Exchange Interactions from Tight-Binding Models," PhD advisor: Michael Flatté
  • Jennifer Alexander, May 2015, "Optical Properties of Mineral Dust Aerosol Including Analysis of Particle Size, Composition, and Shape Effects, and the Impact of Physical and Chemical Processing," PhD advisor: Paul Kleiber
  • John Meyer, April 2015, "Experiments in Flowing and Freely Expanding Dusty Plasmas," PhD advisor: Robert Merlino
  • Catherine Whiting, April 2015, "Duality Symmetries in String-Inspired Supergravity: T-Dualities and the Gauge/Gravity Correspondence," PhD advisor: Vincent Rodgers
  • Xing Li, April 2015, "Novel Brachytherapy Techniques for Cervical Cancer and Prostate Cancer," PhD advisor: Ryan Flynn
  • Jershon Lopez, January 2015, "Demagnetization Diagnostics in Collisionless Space Plasma Layers," PhD advisor: Jack Scudder


  • Asli Yildirim, September 2014, "Phase Separation and Defect Formation in Stable, Metastable, and Unstable GaInAsSb Alloys for Infrared Applications," PhD advisor: John Prineas
  • Tuna Yildirim, September 2014, "Topologically Massive Yang-Mills Theory and Link Invariants," PhD advisor: Vincent Rodgers
  • James Wetzel, July 2014, "A Search for a Heavy Majorana Neutrino and a Radiation Damage Simulation for the HF Detector," PhD advisor: Jane Nachtman
  • Quentin Roper, July 2014, "Using Poisson Statistics to Analyze Supernova Remnant Emission in the Low Counts X-ray Regime," PhD advisor: Randall McEntaffer
  • Bradly Button, July 2014, "Applications of the Holographic Principle in String Theory," PhD advisor: Vincent Rodgers
  • Haiyuan Zou, July 2014, "Tensor Renormalization Group Methods for Spin and Gauge Models," PhD advisor: Yannick Meurice
  • Amit Kumar Mukhopadhyay, July 2014, "Statistics for Motion of Microparticles in a Plasma," PhD advisor: John Goree
  • Suranga Ruhunusiri, June 2014, "Investigation of Collective Phenomena in Dusty Plasmas," PhD advisor: John Goree
  • Christene Lynch, May 2014, "Radio Studies of Magnetic Fields of Cool Stars," PhD advisor: Robert Mutel
  • Anthony Moeller, March 2014, "Forward Physics in CMS: Simulation of PMT Hits in HF and Higgs Mass Reconstruction Methods with a Focus on Forward Jet Tagging," PhD advisor: Yasar Onel


  • Alan denBleyker, December 2013, "Study of Phase Transitions in Spin and Gauge Models Using Fisher’s Zeros," PhD advisor: Yannick Meurice
  • Ran Lin, November 2013, "Organic Spintronic Devices Utilizing Spin-Injection, Spin-Tunneling and Spin-Dependent Transport," PhD advisor: Markus Wohlgenannt
  • Kristopher Klein, November 2013, "The Kinetic Plasma Physics of Solar Wind Turbulence," PhD advisor: Gregory Howes
  • Dennis Norton, October 2013, "Type-II InAs/GaSb Superlattice LEDs: Applications for Infrared Scene Projector Systems," PhD advisor: Thomas Boggess
  • Timothy Harrington-Taber, October 2013, "Heavy Flavor Decay of Zgamma at CDF," PhD advisor: Jane Nachtman
  • Thomas Brantseg, July 2013, "Core-Collapse Supernova Remnants and Interactions with Their Surroundings," PhD advisor: Randall McEntaffer
  • Yuzhi Liu, July 2013, "Renormalization Group and Phase Transitions in Spin, Gauge and QCD-like Theories," PhD advisor: Yannick Meurice
  • Stephen Kaeppler, March 2013, "A Rocket-Bourne Investigation of Auroral Electrodynamics within the Auroral-Ionosphere," PhD advisor: Craig Kletzing
  • Benjamin Olson, February 2013, "Time-Resolved Measurements of Charge Carrier Dynamics and Optical Nonlinearities in Narrow-Bandgap Semiconductors," PhD advisor: Thomas Boggess


  • Lee Murray, December 2012, "Investigations into Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of InAs/GaSb Superlattices," PhD advisor: John Prineas
  • Warren Clarida, December 2012, "Same Sign Dimuon Search for Heavy Majorana Mass Neutrinos at the CMS Experiment at CERN and Design Studies of a Quartz Plate Calorimeter Prototype," PhD advisor: Yasar Onel
  • Kevin Nielson, December 2012, "Analysis and Gyrokinetic Simulation of MHD Alfvén Wave Interactions," PhD advisor: Gregory Howes
  • James Rybicki, July 2012, "Frequency and Time Domain Studies Of Magneto-Transport and Charge Trapping in Amorphous Organic Semiconductors," PhD advisor: Markus Wohlgenannt
  • Xiaolong Liu, July 2012, "Investigation of K-String Energy Using The GaugeGravity Correspondence," PhD advisor: Vincent Rodgers
  • Benjamin Moehlmann, July 2012, "Spin Transport In Strained Non-Magnetic Zinc Blende Semiconductors," PhD advisor: Michael Flatté
  • Kazuma Tsurusaki, July 2012, "Veritas Observations of Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources," PhD advisor: Philip Kaaret