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Yohannes Abate

(PhD 2006) -- Yohannes is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at California State University, Long Beach, and has also written some excellent papers. (10/24/09)


Anne Cherry

(BS 2004) -- Anne is a 4th year student at Duke University Medical School and will be graduating in May. She is currently interviewing for a residency position in Anesthesiology. Iowa City is on her (short) list of choices.


Andrew (Andy) Cowan

(BS 2005) -- When Andy graduated from the University of Iowa in 2005, Professor Boggess and Professor Kletzing told him that his physics background would be a rare and useful commodity in a public defender. He didn't believe them, but they were right.

Andy graduated with a JD from Cornell University in 2008, and began work as a public defender in Massachusetts later that year. In 2009, after a Supreme Court decision increased the focus on scientific evidence in the criminal courts, he was invited by the public defender's office to write a glossary of forensic chemistry terms for lawyers. In 2010, he received a promotion to felony trial attorney, and authored the Scientific Evidence chapter of "Trying Drug Cases in Massachusetts," published by Mass. Continuing Legal Education, Inc.


Mitchell Day

(BS 2002) -- Mitchell is an Instructor of Otology and Laryngology at Harvard Medical School and an Investigator in the Eaton-Peabody Laboratories (EPL) at Massachusetts Eye and Ear. EPL is the premiere hearing research center in the US. His expertise is in the neural circuits underlying sound localization, and more generally how sensory information is encoded and then decoded in the brain. Previously, Mitchell was a high school mathematics teacher in Boston's Public Schools until 2003. In 2009, he received his PhD in Neural Science from New York University, and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Massachusetts Eye and Ear until 2013.


Joseph Evans

(BS 2001) -- Currently a MSTP student at Northwestern University.


Tracey Harbert

(BS 2005) -- Tracey is currently going to medical school at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine. She says she'll throw her fate to the wind in 2009 to see where she'll go for residency and her specialty of practice will probably have been chosen by throwing darts at a board. She still harbors a small hope to be a flight surgeon and work for NASA.


Ryan Kadow

(MS 2001) -- This fall Ryan will be teaching physics in Tanzania with the Peace Corps. He will be training in Arusha (near Kilimanjaro and the Kenyan border) from 11 September - 30 November. The training will mostly be language training in Swahili.


Christopher Moore

(BS 2010) -- In 2013 Christopher was the recipient of the 2013-2014 NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship (NSTRF) which is renewable for up to four (4) years. His project entitled "Development of High-Reflectivity Optical Coatings for the Vacuum Ultraviolet and Verification on a Sounding Rocket Flight" will encompass the design, deposition, laboratory and space flight testing of high reflectance ultraviolet coatings for the optics of future UV/Visible satellite missions.


Julia Elspeth Nelson

(BS 2008) -- Since she graduated in May 2008 Julia has been working at a Biotechnological Patent firm in Madison, WI as a Legal Assistant/Annuity Specialist. In September 2010 she will be leaving to go to Africa for 2 years to teach Math and Science through the Peace Corps. Can't wait!


Christina Othon

(BS 2000) -- Christina is a graduate student at the University of Nebraska. She was co-winner of the 2002 Nebraska Sigma Xi Graduate Student Paper Competition. Her research is on the switching dynamics of Langmuir-Blodgett films of the ferroelectric copolymer Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride-Trifluorethylene). Christina says her research group is looking to control the switching speed, coercive voltage, and domain size of their polymer using radiation, doping or patterning of their copolymer films.

UPDATE 8/27/10 -- Christina is now an assistant professor at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn.


Christine Roark

(BS 2004) -- After graduating from the University of Iowa, Christine received her master's degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the University of Washington in Seattle. She currently works as a Research Assistant with Tech-X Corporation in Boulder, CO doing computational plasma physics (when she's not up in the mountains skiing).


Jonathon A. Talcott

(BS 2001) -- Jonathon is currently working as an intellectual property litigation attorney for Ballard Spahr LLP in Phoenix, AZ. After receiving his B.S. degree in physics and astronomy from the University of Iowa, Jonathon went on to get a M.S. in electrical engineering at University of California, San Diego, and then a Juris Doctor of Law from Arizona State University. He has worked for Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, IA as an electrical hardware engineer, and as a litigation associate for Fish & Richardson P.C. in Minneapolis, MN. Jonathon says he has always been proud to be an alumnus of the Department, and would be happy to help promote non-traditional career paths with a physics/astronomy degree, such as law.


Scott Timmerman

(BS 2001) -- Scott is a patent attorney for the firm of Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione in Chicago, IL.


Michael Wilson

(MS 2003) -- Michael is an instructor of Astronomy and Geology at South Suburban College in South Holland, IL.


Veronique Ziegler

(PhD 2007) -- Veronique is currently a Research Associate at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Menlo Park, CA.



Andrew (Drew) Alton

(BS 1992) -- After graduating, Drew spent a few years finding himself, which lead him to get an MS in physics from Ball State University in 1996. Then he received his PhD from Kansas State University. He spent 6 years as a post-doc for the University of Michigan before taking a job as an assistant professor at Augustana College. (8/20/07)


Sharath Ananthamurthy

(PhD 1993) -- Associate Professor at Bangalore University in Bangalore, India. Currently Sharath is teaching and researching in laser cooling and trapping of ions, and the use of optical tweezers for nanometer scale rheology in polymer solutions. He has research grants from science and technology funding agencies in India and an active group of students pursuing their Ph.D. degrees. Sharath is currently (2006-2007) on sabbatical at Imperial College, London, working on ion traps for quantum information processing applications. (updated 12/18/06)


John Armstrong

(BS 1998) -- Assistant Professor at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. John has recently accepted a tenure track faculty position in physics at Weber State University (in Ogden, Utah) where he will teach and mentor a team of undergraduate researchers with the Virtual Planetary Laboratory and the NASA Astrobiology Institute. And spend a great deal of time skiing the 'best snow on Earth!'


Adrian Barkan

(PhD 1997) -- Currently Adrian is an Assistant Professor in the Physics Department at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. He and his wife went to live in Istanbul in 2003 as stipulated by her J-1 visa "Home Residency" requirement. In late 2005 this two-year requirement will be completed, and it is likely that they will return to the United States. Prior to coming to Turkey, his three jobs involved an unusual variety of research subjects: thermo-electric power conversion and fiber lasers in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and far-infrared "THz" research in Houston, Texas. Their daughter, who was born shortly after arriving in Istanbul, would not complain about their unsettled lifestyle since she gets to spend a large amount of time with both of her parents!

Adrian says "Hello!" to all of the alumni, faculty, and staff that he knew at Iowa in the mid '90s!


Solomon Bililign

(PhD 1991) -- Solomon Bililign is a Professor of Physics at North Carolina A&T State University and Director of the NOAA-ISET Center. Solomon stepped down as chair of the Physics Department (Jan 2007) to direct a new research center, the Interdisciplinary Environmental Scientific Technology Research Center. As the PI, he leads a group of thirty-one scientists, engineers, and meteorologists from eight institutions (University of Alaska Southeast, California State-Fresno, Minnesota State University, City University of New York, North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina Pembroke, and Fisk University) on a $12.5 million award (for five years) from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In addition to directing the center, Solomon is developing research in Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy (CRD) and Negative Ion Proton Transfer Mass Spectrometry (NI-PTRMS) for atmospheric applications, and he works closely and travels to the NOAA-ESRL Lab in Boulder, Colorado.

Solomon is married and the father of three boys (ages 13, 9 and 5) and a girl (age 7).


Yunchia Cheng

(PhD 1997) -- Manager, Failure Analysis at JDS Uniphase in San Jose, CA.


Yun-Wu Cheng

(PhD 1996) -- Sr. Principal Engineer at Apache Design Solutions in San Jose, CA. (updated 4/25/08)


Jeffrey Chilton

(BS 1993) -- Research Analyst at the Center for Naval Analyses in Alexandria, VA. Since graduating from the U of I, he completed his PhD in experimental atomic physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1999). He currently works as a reasearch analyst for the Center for Naval Analyses, as part of the Maritime Search and Undersea Warfare team to help the Navy solve problems relating to antisubmarine warfare. Jeff says, "It's a great job--often quite challenging--and a good way to apply my physics background in a 'nontraditional' way."


Peter Colarco

(BS 1993) -- After graduating from Iowa, Peter went on to receive his MS degree in physics from Creighton University (1997) and a PhD in atmospheric sciences from the University of Colorado (2002). He is currently a scientist with the Goddard Earth Science and Technology Program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in Greenbelt, MD.


Jacqueline Coyne

(BS 1999) -- Jacqueline is an administrative assistant in the IP department at Davis, Brown, Koehn, Shors & Roberts in Des Moines, IA. (updated 4/2/07)


Jerry Harrington

(BS 1991) -- Finished his MS and PhD degrees at Colorado State University in Atmospheric Sciences (1997). He currently holds a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Sciences in the Department of Meteorology at Pennsylvania State University. He has published 20 articles in refereed journals and is associated editor for the Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres.


Der-Jun Jang

(PhD 1998) -- Assistant Professor at National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan.


Hsien-Chih Jean

(PhD 1992) -- QA Manager at Monterey Design Systems of Sunnyvale, CA.


Jim Johnson

(PhD 1990) -- Jim was made chair of the physics department at Ohio Northern University (1995) and tenured (1996). He moved back to his home state of Kansas to be closer to family and is currently Associate Professor of Physics at Emporia State University in Emporia, KS, where he teaches orientation/intro to engineering, engineering graphics, calc based introductory physics, electricity and magnetism (physics), and a variety of other courses.


Henry (Chip) Kobulnicky

(BS 1991) -- After receiving his PhD degree in astrophysics at the University of Minnesota (1997), Henry has held positions as a Hubble postdoctoral fellow at the University of California Santa Cruz/Lick Observatory (1997-1999) and an associate scientist with the Astronomy Department at the University of Wisconsin (1999-2002). Currently he is an assistant professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.


Laura LaBerge

(BS 1996) -- Laura has just completed her PhD from the Theoretical Chemistry group at Yale University.


Ralph Peter Lano

(PhD 1996) -- Ralph is teaching software engineering at a small teaching college in Germany ( Before that he worked for Siemens and Pearson Education. He is always interested in hearing from old and new friends.

UPDATE 8/5/11 -- Ralph is teaching media and software engineering at Georg Simon Ohm University in Nuremberg, Germany ( Before that he worked at HTW Berlin, FH Hof, Siemens and Pearson Education. He is always interested in hearing from old and new friends.

UPDATE 1/24/14 -- Ralph is a professor for internet and multimedia applications at Technische Hochschule Nuremberg in Germany.


Xin Li

(MS 1992) -- Lead Engineer at Ciena in Cupertino, CA.


Joseph Modrick

(MS 1994) -- Joseph completed his Ph.D. in Medical Physics at UW-Madison in 2000. After graduation he was employed by the University of Michigan as Research/Clinical Medical Physicist in the Department of Radiation Oncology at University Hospital. In August 2002, he joined the faculty in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics.


Bianca (Nelson) Keeler

(BS 1996) -- Bianca received her PhD degree in Applied Physics from Stanford University. She and her husband Gordon have taken postdoc positions at Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque, NM. Bianca will be working primarily on optical MEMS/nanophotonics research, and Gordon will focus on VCSEL work.


Fred Olchowski

(PhD 1998) -- Fred is a senior scientist at Logos Technologies, Inc. in Arlington, VA. (updated 7/22/08)


Stacy Palen

(PhD 1998) -- Stacy was appointed an Assistant Professor in 2002 in the Physics Department at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. She has also been appointed to the Astronomy Education Board of the American Astronomical Society, and is Director of the Ott Planetarium and observatory at WSU, which has a staff of six undergraduates and serves 12,000 members of the public every year. Stacy has an undergraduate team of seven that are looking for planets around binary stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud. She usually teaches Physics with Calculus, Quantum Mechanics, Astrophysics and Introduction to Astronomy.


Christine Rabaja

(BS 1996) -- Christine is currently a Captain in the US Marine Corp and pilots the CH53 Sokorsky helicopter.


Alexandra Ramsden

(BA 1997) -- Alexandra is an interior designer with Planet Retail Studios in Seattle, WA, and was part of the design team that worked on seven retail stores located in Heinz Field, new home of the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers. She was recently spotlighted in an article in the Sept. 2 issue of the Iowa City Press-Citizen.


Jongho Seon

(PhD 1996) -- Adjunct Professor in the Department of Physics at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Jongho is also Director at Satrec Initiative in Dae-jon, Rep. of Korea. Previously, he was a team leader at the Satellite Technology Research Center at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

UPDATE 5/5/11 -- Jongho is currently an Associate Professor at Kyung Hee University in Yong-In, Rep. of Korea.


Nadia Sifri

(BS 1997) -- Market Analyst with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. Nadia gathers market intelligence on companies and technologies to enhance intellectual property licensing efforts at the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. Specific areas that she works on include Engineering, Computer Sciences, Medical Devices, Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology. She is currently working to obtain a mid-management certificate at UW executive education. Nadia is married to Andrew Plumb (B.S. U of Iowa 1997), and has one child, Zade Plumb. (updated 1/7/07)

UPDATE 2/17/13 -- In May 2000, Nadia received her M.S. in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Iowa. She has experience in Patenting and Licensing with the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as International Student Advising at Morningside College. Most recently, she is teaching Physiology at Western Iowa Tech Community College. She is married to Andrew C. Plumb (B.S. Physics May 1997 from Univ. of Iowa and Ph.D. 2005 from University of Wisc. Madison), and they have three children, Zade, Mazin and Kalila.


Jennifer (Sippel) Oakley

(BS 1999) -- Semiconductor Integration Engineer with GlobalFoundries in Hopewell Junction, NY. After graduating from Iowa Jennifer earned a Ph.D. in condensed matter physics studying carbon nanotubes at the University of Florida. After graduating from Florida she joined the IBM Microelectronics division working mostly in development of Back End of Line interconnect processes for upcoming technology nodes. Most recently she's been working on 3D integration and thru silicon via processes. She joined GlobalFoundries in July of 2015 after IBM sold off its microelectronics division to GF.


Dimitris Tsintikidis

(PhD 1993) -- Senior Principle Engineer with ORINCON Corp. in San Diego, CA.


Jacob Willig-Onwuachi

(MS 1997) -- Postdoctoral Fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. Jacob finished his PhD degree in physics at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH in May 2001, with a specialty in MRI hardware design/computational physics.

UPDATE 3/15/07 -- Since my last update I finished my postdoc, then I was on the faculty for three years at UC Davis in the Radiology and Biomedical Engineering departments. In the fall of 2006 I joined the physics department at my alma mater, Grinnell College. My wife works at the University of Iowa and we have two kids.


Robert Winsor

(BS 1993) -- Currently enrolled in the PhD program at Johns Hopkins University in Electrical Engineering (expected graduation 2006). Robert earned another undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering at JHU several years ago, and completed his MSE in Electrical Engineering a couple years ago. His Master's thesis was "Waveguides for Microchip Optical Interconnects Embedded in a Silicon Substrate" which consisted of a highly efficient total-internal-reflection method of optically interconnecting emitters and detectors on microchips using standard silicon lithography and incorporated entry and exit coupling mirrors. Robert has been working at ITT for about 2-1/2 years. He is working on Free-Space-Optical communications systems, and currently has two patent applications related. He also performs freelance optical design for ophthalmologists, and currently has one patent application related to an Intra-Ocular Lens. His main areas of research include adaptive optics, wavefront sensing and control, and novel optical approaches to beam stearing problems.


Scott Wollenweber

(PhD 1996) -- Scientist, Systems Engineer at GE Healthcare in Waukesha, WI. Scott has been working in the biomedical imaging field of Positron Emission Tomography since his graduate work at Iowa. His work as a Scientist and Systems Engineer at GE Healthcare includes system design, implementation and evaluation of PET and PET-CT imaging systems. Capturing science (papers, meetings) and intellectual property (patents) are also part of his corporate efforts.



Gregory Anderson

(BS 1985) -- Assistant Professor of Physics at Northwestern University. Gregory has also held Research Associate positions at Ohio State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.


Stephen Fuselier

(PhD 1984) -- Recently promoted to Director of the Department of Space Science at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, TX.


David Mack

(BA 1981) -- Received his PhD degree (1987) in nuclear physics at the University of Maryland at College Park. He was a three-year postdoc at the Tri-University Meson Facility in Vancouver, BC. He then joined Hall C at CEBAF in Newport News, VA, during the construction phase. Now called TJNAF (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), he currently works as a Staff Scientist II, where he's involved in a busy program of intermediate energy electron scattering experiments.


Kavita Philip

(MS 1989) -- Kavita received her PhD degree (1996) in science and technology studies at Cornell University, and is currently an Assistant Professor of science, technology and culture at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA.

UPDATE 5/26/10 -- Kavita is an Associate Professor at the University of California, Irvine.


Mary Severson

(BS 1988) -- Instrumentation Technologist at the University of Wisconsin Synchrotron Radiation Center in Stoughton, WI. She helps graduate students develop their knowledge of experimental equipment as well as designing, building, and maintaining beamlines on the storage rings. She has authored two papers and co-authored several concerning instrumentation for synchrotron radiation.


Brent Studer

(MS 1989) -- Coordinator of Technology Services with the Upward Bound Project at The University of Iowa. His work involves preparing high school students who are low-income and/or potential first-generation college students for post-secondary education. In that role, he acts as his department's science and technology go-to guy and develops a computer literacy curriculum for the students. Brent has also been an adjunct professor teaching astronomy at Kirkwood Community College's Iowa City campus since 1990. (updated 11/2/05)


Kevin Jan Sun

(BS 1989) -- Kevin is a Sr. Marketing Manager with Applied Materials China in Shanghai.


Dave Suszcynsky

(PhD 1989) -- Technical Staff Member at Los Alamos National Laboratory.


Brian Tierney

(BA 1985) -- Scientist at CERN.


Craig Tindall

(BS 1984) -- Materials Scientist with the Semiconductor Detector Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he performs research and development of silicon solid-state radiation detectors.


Alan Tribble

(PhD 1988) -- Currently does Advanced Computing Systems research for Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, IA. He recently published his fourth book entitled, "A Tribble's Guide to Space" (Princeton University Press).


John Webster

(BA 1984) -- Vice President of Purchasing for Wells Vehicle Electronics in Fon du Lac, WI. Wells manufactures sensors, coils, etc.


Daniel Weimer

(PhD 1984) -- Moved to a new position as Research Professor with Virginia Tech in 2008 in The Center for Space Science and Engineering Research. Resident at the National Institute of Aerospace in Hampton, VA.


Brett Williams

(BS 1983) -- Senior Staff Research Engineer at Lockheed Martin in Dallas, TX -- A member of the Advanced Systems & Design Syndicate -- an applied research group within Lockheed Martin - since returning to Dallas from Southern California in 2001 where he lived as a not-quite-starving artist selling his realism landscape oil paintings through galleries in San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Dallas. He currently has one patent (6,851,645) granted in 2005 with 12 pending in the sensor technologies of radar, photonics and semi-active laser seekers.

UPDATE 10/30/08 -- Brett was awarded Lockheed Martin's "2008 Inventor of the Year" at annual ceremonies held this year in Dallas. One of five premier awards out of a total of 175 annual Excellence Awards presented before an audience of 900 made for a long, but exciting evening. In addition having lived in Texas and Southern California since graduation from the U of I, Brett now telecommutes from Iowa City.



John Benson

(PhD 1978) -- Scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Socorro, NM.


Greg Clements

(PhD 1978) -- Greg is a Professor of Physics and Mathematics and since 1983, he has been teaching introductory physics, computer science and mathematics at Midland Lutheran College in Fremont, NE. He is currently (Fall 2004) the Division Chairperson for the Natural and Applied Sciences. Greg welcomes collaboration in historical research using his collection of 19th and 20th century physics and astronomy college textbooks.


Dennis Henry

(PhD 1978) -- Professor of Physics at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN.

UPDATE 3/4/09 -- Prof. Henry has decided to retire from Gustavus Adolphus College at the end of this academic year. He is enjoying his last semester teaching two courses not recently on his playlist, to two very strong and enjoyable classes. He plans to stay in St. Peter, MN and has had recent success renewing his consulting practice with interesting projects, one EMI study for Minnesota Public Radio and the other some product R&D for "a major window manufacturer" in Minnesota.


Michael Hotka

(BA 1977) -- Michael Hotka is a Programmer at Ball Aerospace Technologies Corp. in Boulder, CO. (updated 11/5/07)


Linda Kelsey

(MS 1972) -- Senior Associate (Operations Research) at MTS Technologies in Norfolk, VA. Since leaving the Physics faculty at West Virginia University in 1982, she has worked as an analyst doing Operations Research for the Navy and Marine Corps. and DoD in general. In the mid-1980s Linda analyzed Soviet space systems, and worked on applications for several US National space systems. As a Navy Operations Research Analyst she has performed research and analysis onboard a number of US Navy ships, and was the first woman to complete a six-month deployment on an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean and Red Seas (as a civilian in 1993, before Navy women could deploy). She currently is performing research and analysis for a confederation of Modeling and Simulation systems to support Navy acquisition programs.


James Shelton Meyer

(PhD 1972) -- James is Chairman, Division of Mathematics and Natural Science at St. Gregory's University in Shawnee, OK.

UPDATE 6/15/11 -- Retired spring 2011, after 36 years at St. Gregory's University.


Robert Phillips

(PhD 1979) -- Robert is a Principal Systems Engineer with the Raytheon Company in Andover, MA. He resigned from MIT to join the GWOT, and is now a radar analyst and planner for the Patriot air defense missile.


Ting-Chung Poon

(BA 1977) -- Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. He recently published the textbook Engineering Optics with MATLAB (World Scientific 2007) and edited the book Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Display (Springer 2006). He just completed his first three-year term as a topical editor for Applied Optics and currently is serving his second term. Dr. Poon's current research interests include acousto-optics, hybrid (optical/electronic/digital) 3-D image processing, optical scanning holography and its applications in 3-D cryptography, 3-D display, 3-D microscopy, 3-D optical remote sensing, and 3-D pattern recognition. (updated 4/4/07)

UPDATE 12/18/08 -- Dr. Poon is Professor of Electrical And Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech. He is the incoming Division Editor of Applied Optics. His three-year term begins on January 1, 2009.


Joel Weisberg

(PhD 1978) -- Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Carleton College in Northfield, MN.



Dick Bergren

(PhD 1969) -- Retired from Hughes Aircraft Co. in El Segundo, CA, where he was an Electromagnetic Effects Scientist/Engineer. He currently resides in Red Oak, IA.


Ruth Bernstein

(BA 1963) -- Retired and currently resides in Marion, IA.


Norton Bretz

(BA 1965) -- Since graduating from Iowa, he received a PhD in plasma physics from the University of Maryland in 1973, and retired in 2001 from Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory after 28 years as a Principal Research Physicist. He did research on energy balance in the ST, PDX, PLT, and TFTR tokamaks. Norton developed experimental techniques to measure electron temperature profiles using laser scattering and to measure density fluctuations using reflectometry and microwave scattering. In retirement he is working with a local conservation group to supervise a grant to develop a predictive model of phosphorus as a measure of water quality in a twelve lake watershed in northern lower Michigan. This model will provide a direct link between water quality and development in their area.


David L. Campbell

(BA 1963) -- Retired from the U.S. Geological Survey, where he worked in Denver as a research geophysicist for nearly 30 years. His field areas for USGS included places in the Rocky Mountains, Great Basin, Alaska, and Saudi Arabia. During 1990-1995 he was Chief of the Branch of Geophysics, USGS. Over the last decade he has specialized in geoelectrical methods for ore deposit and groundwater research. After retiring, he and his wife moved back to the Iowa City area, where they operate a small organic vegetable farm. He keeps his hand in by teaching geophysics courses in the Geosciences Department at UIowa. He's happy to report that several physics seniors are taking his class this semester.


David L. Dittmer

(MS 1961) -- Consultant with the Center for Naval Analyses. Received his PhD in nuclear physics from the University of Pittsburgh, and has worked for 36 years at the Center for Naval Analyses. He also spent 12 years on international assignments in Europe and Japan.


John Freeman Jr.

(PhD 1963) -- Professor Emeritus and Research Professor at Rice University in Houston, TX. He has recently published "Storms in Space," a book about space physics for general audiences (Cambridge University Press, ISBN no. 0-521-66038-6).


M. Wayne Greene

(PhD 1968) -- Director, Dept. Health, Safety and Environment, Univ. of British Columbia. In addition to being the Director of HSE, Wayne is the Director and Adjunct Professor of the Disaster Preparedness Resources Centre in the UBC Centre for Human Settlements. He is a founding member of the Canadian Radiation Protection Association and Director (1979), and was later President (1985) and received the "Founder's Award" in 1994. He is also a founding member and Chair of the Executive Committee for the annual Emergency Preparedness Conference (1986). Wayne hosted the 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Disaster Medicine, 35 countries represented (2000). Outcome was an Action Plan for disaster management and disaster medicine. He hosted the 2nd International Workshop on Non-Ionizing Radiation and edited text on subject (1992).

UPDATE 9/25/13 -- Wayne is the President and CEO of the Pacific Northwest Preparedness Society in Vancouver, British Columbia.


James Leeper

(BA 1967) -- Professor at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. He has been department chair since 1986 at the U. of Alabama, College of Community Health Sciences, Department of Behavioral and Community Medicine.


James Pool

(PhD 1963) -- After 12 years as Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Computing Research at the California Institute of Technology on September 30, 2005, James retired to enjoy his new home near Prescott, AZ and to pursue his hobbies, including completing the restoration of a 1960 Austin Healey Sprite and investigating the genealogy of his great-great-grandfather, who started the Welsh Congregational Church at Old Man's Creek near Iowa City. (updated 11/1/05)


Wayne Allan Seale

(PhD 1967) -- Wayne is retired and currently resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (updated 5/22/14)


Granville Jesse Smith II

(PhD 1969) -- Granville is CEO of Al Tayyar Energy (ATE), a renewable energy development and finance company sponsored by Prince Moulay Hicham of Morocco. ATE has just constructed the largest Anaerobic Baffled Digester in Asia. Located in Khorat Thailand, the digester produces from cassava waste over 80,000 cubic meters of biogas (65% methane) daily and powers the largest starch factory in Thailand. Their next project is the construction of four 22 MW powerplants that burn only rice hulls.


John Tanis

(MS 1969) -- Professor and Chair in the Department of Physics at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI. He has been elected as an APS Fellow (1989) and a University Distinguished Faculty Scholar (1994), and he has had US DOE funding since 1983 involving his research on atomic collisions.


William Teeters

(PhD 1968) -- President, Econometric Modeling & Computing Corporation (EMCC). He was Professor of Physics at Chicago State University (1968-1980), Vice President for Speakeasy Computing Corporation (1980-1997), and is currently President of Econometric Modeling & Computing Corporation in Palm Harbor, FL (1997-present).



Andrew Lenard

(PhD 1953) -- Retired from Indiana University (1966-1993) where he was a Professor teaching theoretical physics graduate courses as well as undergraduate mathematics. He currently resides in Bloomington, IN.


George Ludwig

(MS 1959) -- Retired in 1991 from NASA as an Independent Consultant in space station design, NASA space sciences and earth applications data processing, and aerospace industry research and development. George currently resides in Winchester, VA and uses his time to write, travel, and enjoy family.


Donald Thompson

(PhD 1953) -- Retired consultant, Emeritus Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, and Anson Marston Distinguished Professor in Engineering from Iowa State University in Ames, IA. He is also a Rockwell Int'l. Science Center Distinguished Fellow, Member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), American Physical Society (APS) Fellow, and an IEEE Fellow. He currently resides in Clear Lake, IA.



Harry Auchter

(MS 1946) -- Retired from teaching at Carroll College where he taught from 1953-1986. He also taught at Bangkok Christian College (1947-1950) and Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD (1951-1953), and now resides in Waukesha, WI.



Floyd Bowling

(MS 1938) -- Retired from Tennessee Wesleyan College where he was a Professor. He served in academic work for 60 years. He received his doctorate from the University of Tennessee in 1953 and later received an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Tennessee Wesleyan College in 1976. He now resides in Athens, TN.



Arlin Anderson

(BS 1981), died October 18, 2008.


Peter Bartel

(MA 1953), died May 26, 2008.


Robert Bock

(MS 1936), died June 23, 2002.


Orpha (Carpenter) Stoughton

(BA 1918)


Victor Corey

(PhD 1942), died May 20, 2007.


Eugene Culp

(MS 1942), died June 25, 2005.


Andrew Deming

(MS 1939), died December 30, 2007.


Charles Dickerman

(PhD 1957), died December 26, 2007.


Melvin Doelz

(MS 1948), died July 10, 2004.


David Doiron

(PhD 1984), died February 6, 2006.


G. Phillip Durkee

(MS 1971), died November 28, 2007.


Robert Eisner

(PhD 1954), died November 16, 2007.


Joseph Friichtenicht

(MS 1956), died January 31, 2007.


Ednah (Geer) Illsley


Lawrence Giacoletto

(MS 1939), died October 2004.


Dale W. Heikkinen

(PhD 1965), died March 19, 2007.


Thomas Hubbard

(PhD 1952), died October 19, 2005.


Romeo Hubner

(MS 1974), died April 2009.


Albert Johnson

(MA 1954), died May 27, 2005.


James Joseph


John Kellough

(MS 1937), died July 24, 2004.


Paul Lahr

(MS 1937), died April 22, 2003.


George Ludwig

(MS 1959), died January 22, 2013.


Philip McClean

(MS 1967), died October 11, 2007.


James McFadden

(MS 1965), died January 8, 2008.


Philip McPartland

(BA 1963), died July 7, 2002.


Robert Mendelson

(PhD 1967), died August 5, 2001.


William Nickel

(PhD 1954), died Sept. 11, 2000.


Larry Oberley

(PhD 1974), died April 21, 2008.


J. Leonard Porter

(BA 1932), died April 28, 1999.


William Ray

(BA 1938)


Franklin Rhoads

(BA 1958), died January 21, 2005.


John Richardson

(PhD 1946), died March 25, 2006.


Fred S. Roehrs

(MS 1950), died December 16, 2006.


Alvin N. Rusk

(MA 1957)


Howard Schoenwetter

(BA 1946), died November 7, 2005.


Davis Sentman

(PhD 1976), died December 15, 2011.


Philip Shapiro


Robert Sharp

(BA 1952), died October 5, 2004.


Irving Siegel

(BA 1950), died June 21, 2006.


John Sigwarth

(PhD 1989), died December 13, 2010.


William Stanley

(BA 1963), died February 16, 2001.


Lloyd Summers

(BA 1935)


I. Henry Swift

(PhD 1943), died September 19, 2006.


William Taylor

(PhD 1973), died July 16, 2005.


James Van Allen

(PhD 1939), died August 9, 2006.


Clifford Verwers

(MA 1957), died August 3, 2006.


William Vulliet

(MA 1954), died June 8, 2007.


Richard Walker

(BA 1963), died March 30, 2005.


Michael A. V. Ward

(MS 1968), died February 1, 2010.


Harold Way

(PhD 1937), died January 18, 1995.


Richard M. Willett

(BA 1951), died October 10, 2009.


Frederick Wyman

(MS 1942)


Arthur Youmans

(MS 1948), died January 9, 2004.


John Zink

(MS 1964), died July 29, 2005.


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